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The Production Workshop Project in Luoyang

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Project name: The Production Workshop Project in Luoyang

Products: Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Area: 5,000 m²

Date: 2017.3.17



At the beginning of February, the company was successfully cooperated with the Luoyang project contracted by Luoyang Meichen Construction Technology Co., Ltd. to sign the 5000 square meters Rockwool Sandwich Wall Panel. The first phase of the PU sliding edge rock wool sandwich panel products was delivered. The scene is under intense construction, and this cooperation also allows guests to understand that you get what you pay off.



Luoyang Meichen is a construction company of the steel structure, it has been keep close cooperation with us, the construction of the Belgian customers’ treasury project of the new investment in Luoyang. Manager Li has been very understanding for the customer project, so immediately to provide customers with a well prepared before the program, BRDECO Mineral Wool Sandwich Panels production from raw materials to finished product shipments that have the related certification, The quality has absolute protection. At present, the site customers are very satisfied with the quality of products, he has been arranged in an orderly construction, looking forward to follow-up product delivery.



There is a quality called "repeat customers".

There is a trust called "friend introduction".

There is a brand called "I believe you".

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