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BRD cold room panel application in Kuantan Fruit and Vegetable Logistics Park, Malaysia

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With the occurrence of the global epidemic, people are paying more and more attention to food safety and hygiene, and there are higher requirements for the material quality of the cold chain system. As the "refrigerated shield" BRD cold room panel, the fruit and vegetable logistics park in Kuantan, Malaysia, delivered recently, is a classic representative of cold chain system related projects.


Malaysia Kuantan Vegetable and Fruit Logistics Park

As the capital of Pahang, Malaysia, Kuantan has planned a high-start, high-standard international first-class logistics park-Malaysia Kuantan Vegetable and Fruit Logistics Park in order to welcome the international development and reform of the logistics industry and support the large-scale development of fruit and vegetable logistics.

Project introduction: Malaysia Kuantan Vegetable and Fruit Logistics Park

Product Name: BRD PU Cold Room Panel

Product specifications: 75mm thick

cold room panel shipping 1

Cold room panel shipping from BRD factory

Why such a high requirement project choose BRD as supplier?

1. BRD ingenuity and reputation, resounding internationally:

Malaysia's Kuantan Vegetable and Fruit Logistics Park is a project that facilitates and benefits the people's livelihood. Once it is successfully constructed, it can effectively promote the development of the local vegetable and fruit economy and accelerate the process of urban internationalization.

As the person in charge of the logistics park project, Mr. Wynne checks the quality of the building materials of the project, and inspects the building materials raw materials, brand strength, production technology and other aspects.

In view of the credibility of the long-term cooperation, Mr. Paul, the partner of BRD Malaysia, recommended BRD to Mr. Wynne. BRD has focused on energy-saving and environmentally friendly building materials for 27 years, and its lower cold room panel products are more sought after by customers at home and abroad. Mr. Wynne passed many comparisons and selections, and BRD polyurethane cold room panel stood out from many global brand manufacturers.

cold storage room shipping 2

Cold room panel shipping from BRD factory

2. Seiko quality, constant temperature preservation

Kuantan is close to the equator, between 1°-7°N latitude, and because of its coastal waters, the marine climate has obvious characteristics. It is rainy all year round, forming a hot and humid tropical climate. This kind of climate is hot and humid, and it is not easy to store fruits and vegetables.

cold storage room shipping 3

Cold room panel shipping

To ensure the preservation of fruits and vegetables, not only must they meet the proper temperature for storage of fruits and vegetables, but they also need to be moisture-proof and rain-proof, and to avoid secondary pollution.

BRD factory

BRD factory

The polyurethane material of BRD PU room  is basically a closed-cell structure, which not only has excellent thermal insulation performance, but also is frost-resistant, which can ensure the storage of vegetables and fruits. The concave-convex groove structure improves the insulation and air tightness of the joints of the board, which can effectively solve the problem - rain leakage phenomenon.

"In addition to providing the products we need, BRD also recommends customized specifications and system solutions for our specific needs." When talking about why to choose BRD, Mr. Wynne said.

It is the ingenuity that allows BRD to withstand the test of time; it is the responsibility to let BRD grasp the quality and safety; it is the endeavor to let the people of BRD continue to innovate, and bring energy-saving and environmentally friendly products and efficient and convenient services to customers around the world.


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