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Automatic Rolling Shutter Metal High-speed Door

This style metal rapid door has excellent performance in extreme environmental conditions, high-speed operation with solid state able to withstand heavy winds, sealed well, maximize durability and reliability.

The popular color as bellow for basic choice, or any other required on RAL Color Card.


high speed door (1)

Widely use for internal or external, can consisting of thermal or acrylic glass walled laths which run on roller systems for fast and quiet operation. Help warehouses and factories achieve productivity, high strength, high speed, insulation and sound reduction. Capable of running 2- 3m/s. 

high speed door (1)

high speed door (2)

high speed door (3)

As a professional and well-known manufactory, we are able to supply the best selection for every traditional or modern door design - whether you are looking for hot dripped galvanized steel, stainless steel, glass or aluminum doors , Feilong Doors will let you satisfaction. 

1. Ultra-wide door solution

high speed door (5)

The middle can be equipped with multiple rows of strengthened chains, and the size can be customized: the maximum length can be 12 meters, and the middle of the door can be designed with multiple rows of dumpling chains to make each door more tightly connected, with higher strength, and under extreme wind pressure and high-speed operation , The door body can still maintain stability and smoothness, ensuring the service life of the metal fast door.

2.Good daylighting design

high speed door (10)

3.Quiet operation system

high speed door (6)

4.Safety operation system

high speed door (7)

5.Stabilization system is the most important factor for High-speed Door

high speed door (8)

6.Variable-frequency Control & Servo System.

high speed door (9)

Three-phase frequency conversion system, servo system, multiturn encoder and other device can be adjusted to let door running at 2.5m/s 

high speed door 1

Circular Screw guide

Standard design for enough headroom

high speed door 2

Elliptical mode guide rail 

Design for special construction which has limited space. 

high speed door 3

Low Headroom guide rail 

Maximum increasing the height which the passengers or vehicles go through. 



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