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Our Vision 
At BRD, we are pioneers in creating the products of tomorrow, today. Innovation is the driving force behind every product, project, and manufacturing process we undertake. To achieve the desired outcomes, we constantly challenge the conventional norms, either by transforming our manufacturing methods or introducing novel products. Our commitment to innovation stems from the belief that efficiency, sustainability, style, and safety should never be compromised. As the world evolves rapidly, so do the needs of our customers.
Our Mission
Building a Sustainable Future with BRD Product Systems
At BRD, our foundation is built on a singular vision: to be at the forefront of creating energy-efficient buildings. We push ourselves to set ambitious targets and consistently deliver on them. As of now, we have successfully transitioned to meeting all our energy needs through renewable sources.

Pioneering the Path to Superior Construction
As part of our unwavering commitment to innovation, we strive to lead the way in advancing the field of construction. We dedicate our time and expertise to comprehending how even the smallest components can be harmoniously integrated to build structures of unparalleled quality. Our focus extends beyond cost considerations to encompass long-term value, acknowledging that safety is an invaluable aspect that cannot be compromised. Particularly in the realm of fire safety, we invest resources in comprehending the role buildings play in safeguarding lives and property.
Quality is Priority
At BRD, quality is our top priority. We aim to be industry leaders known for efficient, profitable operations conducted with integrity. Meeting all legal standards through collaborative efforts will
contribute to shared success.
By effectively utilizing our resources and perceiving stakeholder needs, we strive to continuously meet demands timely and with the desired quality. We aim to increase customer satisfaction by welcoming feedback, learning from mistakes, and managing with a total quality philosophy.
Through responsibly following regulations, innovative problem-solving, and openness to improvement, we work to strengthen our leadership position while benefiting all those we serve.
Sandwich Panels

Sectional Doors

8,000 units/


We assure our customers of reliable production, supported by our expansive integrated facilities spanning 31,000 square meters.
Wall Cladding System
12,000 sqm/
Structural Steel 

1,000 tons/ month

Environment Policy

Our commitment is to effectively manage the environmental impact of our products and services, striving to minimize our footprint and create a more sustainable world for future generations. As a respected company leading the industry, we aim to maintain our reputation while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

To achieve this, we adhere to the following principles:
Optimal Resource Utilization: We will utilize natural resources at the lowest necessary level within our facilities.
Responsible Waste Management: We will dispose of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste in a manner that minimizes environmental impact and aligns with the life cycle concept.
Collaboration with Stakeholders: We will engage in operations that protect the environment while considering the interests of all stakeholders.
Compliance with Environmental Standards: We will ensure strict adherence to all environmental regulations, standards, legislation, and laws.
Responsible Production: We will refrain from engaging in production activities that may have significant adverse effects on the environment when conditions cannot be effectively addressed. Pollution Prevention: We will implement measures to prevent pollution at its source and properly manage waste disposal.
Continuous Improvement: We will continually assess our environmental performance, implementing new projects and practices to drive ongoing improvement.
Employee Training: We will provide comprehensive training to ensure that all employees are environmentally aware and actively contribute to our environmental goals.

We will communicate our principles to relevant stakeholders and remain open to their feedback and suggestions. Management will diligently monitor the implementation of these policies and practices to ensure their effectiveness.


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