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Our Vision
At BRDECO, we're creating the products of the future, today. Innovation exists at the heart of every product, every project and every step in the manufacturing process. To get the results we want, we either change the way we make our products, or create new ones. We innovate as we believe that no one should have to choose between efficiency, sustainability, style and safety. The world is rapidly changing, and so are our customers’ needs.
Our Mission
Build a sustainable future with BRD product systems.
BRDECO was founded with one vision: to lead the way in creating energy efficient buildings. It’s one thing to promote sustainability, it’s another to set a target that scares you and deliver on it. By 2020 all our energy needs will be met through renewable energy.

Leading the way to Better Building
As part of our investment in innovation we want to lead the way to better building. We invest our time and talent into understanding how the smallest components can be brought together to build the best. We focus on lifetime value rather than cost, and believe that we can’t put a price on safety. When it comes to fire safety we invest in understanding what part buildings play in protecting lives and property.
Quality Policies
Our aim is to maintain the leadership of the sector as an efficient, profitable and respectable organization without compromising quality in our products and services. The success we'll achieve by following all the legal and regulatory rules will belong to every one of us. To use our resources effectively and meet demands and expectations of our stakeholders in a timely manner, continuously and with the desired quality by perceiving them in the best way. As BRD Panel, we aim to increase continuously the satisfaction of our customers, to take into account all types of warnings and suggestions, to learn from our mistakes in a management mindset in conformity with the total quality philosophy.
Sandwich Panels

Sectional Doors

8000 units/


Offers production guarantee to customers with 31.000 m2 integrated production facilities.
Wall Cladding System
Structural Steel 

1000 tons/ month


Our purpose is to manage the environmental aspect of our products and services correctly in order to reduce our impact on the environment to a minimum, to leave a more livable world to the next generation and to continue leading the sector as a reputable company.

We will use natural resources at the lowest level needed in our facility,
We will dispose of our hazardous and non-hazardous waste with the least possible impact on the environment in line with the cycle of life,
We will conduct all operations with stakeholders in a way that protects the environment,
We will make sure all environmental rules and criteria required by relevant standards, legislation and laws are complied with at the maximum level,
In situations where the conditions cannot be intervened with, we will not be involved with production activities that could have important adverse effects on the environment,
We will prevent pollution at the source and dispose of our waste,
We will constantly review our environmental performance and implement new projects and applications to ensure constant improvement,
We will provide the necessary training to make sure all of our employees are environmentally aware.
Our principles will be announced to the concerned parties using communication resources and remain open to their opinions. Management will constantly monitor the practice of the policies and applications that it commits to.


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