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  • Aluminum Rolling Shutter Windows
    Protect your home or business with durable aluminum roll-up shutters, which in turn, add beauty and value to your property. These shutters are the premium choice for storm and security protection because of their compact good looks, strength and ease of use.
    Compared with other ordinary windows, aluminum roller shutter is a very economic product with good price and high performance. They are widely used for residential and elegant villas.
  • Automatic Long Span Industrail Hangar Door
    Steel Sliding Hangar Doors are the most commonly used in the industry and provide the best value in the market. Our steel sliding hangar doors are a dependable, economical and reliable choice for any pre-engineered or custom designed hangar facility. DEK's focus is on quality and attention to detail that is unmatched in the hangar door industry.
  • Automatic Rolling Shutter Metal High-speed Door
    This style metal rapid door has excellent performance in extreme environmental conditions, high-speed operation with solid state able to withstand heavy winds, sealed well, maximize durability and reliability.
  • Industrial Automatic PVC Fabric Roll Up High Speed Door
    High-speed Rolling door is a kind of channel isolation door, used in printing, food, pharmaceutical and other factories, with good dustproof, odorproof, quick opening, heat preservation, protection and other functions.
  • Mechanical Clean Room Panel
    Clean room is a special designed room to exclude the particles in the air, bacteria and other harmful air pollutants, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, interior pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise, vibration, and lighting, static control within the scope of a certain demand.
  • Flexible Clay Materials New Product Decoration Nature Exterior Wall Tile
    The Flexible Clay Tiles decorative wall soft exterior ceramic tiles texture is soft and feels like a cowhide with a prominent pattern and a strong. Three-dimensional effect. The marble ceramic soft flexible tile are mainly made by adding flexible elements to the tiles, which change the cold and hard texture of traditional tiles, making them more flexible and warmer.
  • PU Metal Carved Insulated Sandwich Wall Panel
    It is not only suitable for the heat preservation and decoration of the external walls of newly-built brick concrete structure, frame structure, steel structure, light body room and other types of buildings, but also suitable for the decoration and energy saving transformation of existing buildings, as well as indoor and outdoor decoration.
  • Pu Sandwich Wall Panel
    Polyurethane sandwich panel with polyurethane foam cores meet the strictest heat insulation requirements, while also complying with the required insulation properties and maintaining a good bearing capacity.


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  Mobile: +86 18638188782
  Fax: +86 374 702 7177
  Factory Add: Weiwu Road, Chang'ge Industrial Park.
Xuchang City, Henan Province, China.