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20100㎡ External Wall Cladding System Orders Was Signed

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Yesterday, sales manager Mr. Zhang successfully signed 20100 ㎡external wall cladding system orders with Linying developers. It took only three days to quickly deal.

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Why does the customer find BRD?

Developers have long-term cooperation manufacturer of Insulated Wall Cladding Systems, but the new project duration tight and high demand, so the need to find high-quality and strong production capacity of wall cladding system manufacturer. Project leader search for manufacturer by website, through careful comparison of a lot of manufacturers, selected the BRD. After a brief communication, sales manager Mr. Zhang immediately set off to the customer's construction site to field inspection.



How to win the customer trust?

BRD introduced the world's most advanced German second-generation equipment, fully automated control, while ensuring External Wall Insulation Panels product quality, but also meet the needs of large projects. After field study to construction site, manager Mr. Zhang is full of confidence in the successful bidder, and sincerely invite customers to BRD factory visits.



How to do customer satisfaction?

After customers visit the factory, BRD customized External Wall Cladding Systems samples for customers, the first proofing have subtle access with the actual requirements of customers, because the customer duration is very tight, once wanted to give up cooperation with BRD, instead of seeking its original suppliers. Sales manager Mr. Zhang through the efforts to communicate with customers, to fight for half a day, the sample workshop technical staff work overtime, fully cooperate with the work, and finally within the specified time to the perfect sample to the customer hands, contributed to the final deal.

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Why can quickly deal?

In BRD, the customer is always the first, if there is no customer's trust and recognition, we will not reach the final cooperation, the company is also a very tacit understanding between the various departments, the company's strength is the most firm backing, when the customer concerned about the company's reputation, product quality, we have been walking in the forefront of the industry.


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