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21 century new building material——flexible clay panel

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Everyone knows, like that clothes will fade, lose lines, and easily absorb dust. Traditional external walls also has various problems: "the walls are uneven; the external walls begin to fall off within five years; when it comes to windy and rainy days, it is easy to have stains;..."


This kind of traditional exterior wall facade decoration not only has low durability, long construction period, but also low self-cleaning, which easily leads to the problems of wall cracking, falling off and color fading. The purchase cost plus the repair cost in the later period is equivalent to paying twice the price, in which the loss of manpower and time cannot be avoided!
In order to solve these problems, BRD ecological flexible clay panel has been developed through careful design and many experiments.
Flexible clay panel is not a kind of normal tile!


It is a new type of building decoration materials, with the appearance of ceramic tile effect named.

The main raw material is modified clay (MCM), which is a kind of flexible building decoration surface material formed by special temperature control molding system, baking, irradiation and crosslinking. It can realistically show the color and texture of stone, leather grain, wood, knitting and other materials. To meet everyone's requirements for decoration, it can be said that it is a versatile style of building exterior wall decoration.
Advantages of flexible clay panel
Various: wide range of practical, rich style

flexible clay panel is suitable for exterior wall, interior wall, ground and other building decoration, especially for high-rise building exterior decoration engineering, building external facade decoration engineering, urban old city reconstruction external wall surface material, external thermal insulation system facing layer, curved wall, arch column and other heterosexual buildings. With a variety of texture such as stone, leather grain, knitting, etc., flexible clay panel is perfectly suitable for a variety of architectural styles.


Fast: fast construction and convenient installation

Weight is one of the main requirements of the system for finishing materials. Traditional ceramic tile decoration needs a lot of manpower and time, and the area of the same weight of flexible clay panel is 5 times of that of the ceramic tile. Its flexibility is easy to map a variety of building materials, which is equivalent to the coating. The installation of flexible clay panel flexible face brick can be directly pasted without anchoring.


Good: durable and safe

Good building materials can stand the test of time. BRD flexible clay panel imported advanced imported equipment, after more than 30 processes processing modified soil, it has good plasticity, and combines the flexibility of organic materials and the aging resistance, non-toxic and non radiation properties of inorganic materials. It achieves the effect of waterproof and self-cleaning, antibacterial and mildew proof, safety and light weight.


Saving: cost saving and energy regeneration

The self weight of flexible clay panel is about one seventh of that of ceramic tile, and the construction is about one third of that of ceramic tile, which greatly saves the transportation cost and construction cost. When renovating the internal and external walls, it is not necessary to knock off the old base surface, but to paste and coat directly, and it can last for a long time without falling off. As a completely renewable new energy, flexible clay panel is the first choice for all kinds of building facade decoration, which has no three wastes emission, no garbage output, short construction period and low cost.



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