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A Knockout of Energy-Saving Building Materials Market

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It is understood that China's building energy consumption in the proportion of the total energy consumption as high as 30% or more, the development of energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon economy, new building materials more and more become the focus of society, but industry standards weak Safety and quality risks, at any time to the entire building energy-saving materials industry, a fatal blow. September 3, the Group of Twenty Summit (B20 Summit) once again put forward the "comprehensive energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon development", which is increasingly active in the building materials industry, especially building energy-saving materials industry", The market demand, technological innovation is expected to usher in a series of good, but the building energy-saving materials industry will gradually standardize with the market and quickly enter a knockout.

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High-quality raw materials and advanced production technology is the development of enterprises indispensable competitiveness. The face of an array of building energy-saving materials on the market, it can meet the production standards of the enterprise is not much, the domestic technology is not yet mature, energy-saving building materials are still have some hidden dangers of quality, for example, "some manufacturers in the production of external insulation board, it used Low-grade rock wool to save costs "and other acts, making the security of building energy-saving materials into a bull's-eye, give the entire to building energy-saving materials industry at any time, a fatal blow. Backward production technology is a direct result of a huge human, material and material costs, some companies are facing such an awkward position.

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At the G20 Summit, Xi reiterated that China will implement the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, and comprehensively promote energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon development. The industry believes that this not only to the development of the industry norm brings good, but also to further stimulate the market demand for building energy-saving materials and environmental protection materials pioneering and innovative.
However, due to technical equipment innovation, rising production costs, how to ensure that building energy-saving materials in the "quality" and "profit" in the balance is still in the future competition in the test of the strength of a hurdle.

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