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Achieve great results again! Onvalla Group from Thailand visits Baorunda!

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In recent years, BRD has deeply cultivated overseas markets, and its international influence has been continuously improved. Many overseas customers have come to visit and negotiate cooperation.

On September 5, Thailand's Onvalla Group visited BRD to discuss cooperation projects such as solar roof panels and PU wall panels.

Onvalla Group is a well-known supplier of photovoltaic systems and factory building construction in Thailand. It is committed to providing energy-saving materials that are more economical and can promote environmentally sustainable development. As a global supplier of materials solutions for prefabricated systems, Baorunda's product characteristics meet customer requirements, and its corporate vision of environmental protection and energy conservation coincides with Onvalla Group.

customer visit BRD

During the visit, Onvalla Group and its delegation visited Baorunda's modern smart factory and solar roof panel automatic production line. Baorunda's neatly planned workshop layout, refined management model, and advanced automation equipment have won the recognition of customers.

customer visit factory

After the visit, the Onvalla Group and its delegation were not only willing to cooperate with Baorunda pu panels and solar roof panels, but were also very interested in Baorunda thermal insulation decorative integrated panels, cold room panels, aluminum veneers, and flexible tiles. The customer expressed that Baorunda's product system can meet the needs of photovoltaic system plant construction, and hopes to start all-round and multi-field cooperation with Baorunda as soon as possible.

Metal soft porcelain

"I gained a lot from my visit to Baorunda this time. I not only felt the production scale and strength of Baorunda, but also experienced Baorunda's 'home away from home' service. I believe that the next cooperation with Baorunda will be a pleasant one." ” said the head of Onvalla Group.

onvalla group visit BRD

Create brand influence with ingenuity and shine on the international stage with strength. Today, as the world's economic integration trend continues to accelerate, Baorunda actively responds to national policies, improves manufacturing technology and levels, promotes the development of international trade, and moves forward bravely in the fierce market competition.

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