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Advantages Feature of Flexible Tiles

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Soft ceramic tiles,can be called flexible tiles.It is usually used on the building exterior wall.The best nenifit is it can be pasted on curved surface,like Roman column.It’s not only used outside,it can also be used on the floor or wall inside house.

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The flexible tiles can be made as thin as 2mm thickness,so it will be much lighter than hard ceramic tiles.It’s made of MCM(Modified clay materials),so it can not be ignited.It’s a safe building material.

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It can be made various kinds of styles,likewise:wooden texture,brick texture,art-stone texture,leather surface texture,flexible stone texture,etc,about hundreds of style for choosing.


1.Flexible.Flexible tiles is made of Modified clay,which makes it elastic and flexible.It changes the hard,heavy and fragile feature of traditional tiles.The flexible texture allows the flexible tiles to show more unique design patterns and effects.
2.Light and thin.Flexible tile can be made into 2-4mm thickness,3-6kg/sqm.Compared with hard tiles,flexible tiles can save the cost of shipping and stock about 80%。
3.Short production cycle.The production of flexible tile is one-step molding,about 7 days can finish production.Compared with the traditional hard ceramic tile,save about 70% time.

4.Environmental Friendly.From production to application,flexible tiles can save energy and reduce consumption 80%;since it can be recycled,it can be reduced to be powder,turned into clay.

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5.Temperature and humidity regulation.Flexible tile can make the surrounding temperature fluctuation tend to normal,and provide a stable and comfortable indoor environment by absorbing and releasing environmental heat.

6.Simulation.One of the main characteristics of flexible tile is its rich appearance. The color of flexible tile can be provided by natural mud color or inorganic mineral pigment, and any color can be mixed according to needs. Its surface texture can be obtained by mold, and can be made into imitation natural stone grain, wood grain, skin grain and so on. In addition, the special surface treatment technology makes it get vivid simulation effect.


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