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Advantages of flexible clay panels

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In the flexible clay panels project, there are many kinds of walls, and the construction plan of each wall is different. According to different walls, the flexible clay panels manufacturer has set up the following construction plan.


1. New wall:

The walls that have just been built for more than half a year are all new walls. Before the construction of new walls, the cement mixture on the walls contains alkali, and the drying time is not long, so there will be some alkalinity in them. Therefore, the surface treatment of the wall surface should be done before tiling. First brush a layer of alkali inhibitor to seal the alkali inside the wall, and then tile. This can effectively prevent alkali and alkali.

2.Old wall:

There are three kinds of old walls in general.

1: Ceramic tile wall

For the ceramic tile wall, if the customer does not shovel off the ceramic tile, the first thing to do is to confirm whether the ceramic tile on the wall is firm and whether it will fall. If it will not fall off, it can brush a layer of interface agent directly on the surface, enhance the stable structure of the wall, and then paste the tiles. If the tiles are loose, they will fall off, and then brush the interface agent The potholes are filled with adhesive directly.

2: Painted wall

If the paint has a shell or fall, even if there is a bit, it also needs to shovel off the whole wall surface (the coating has this phenomenon because the coating life has arrived, the bottom has been damaged, so it must be completely shoveled off, otherwise what the bottom will be loose, and then the material will fall), and then brush the interface agent to finish the wall, and then paste flexible clay panels.

3: If there is no water leakage on the cement wall, the brick can be directly pulled out. The condition is that the wall is flat. If leakage, need to do waterproof coating in the bottom, and then paste flexible clay panels.


BRD reminds you that during construction, special materials required by flexible clay panels manufacturers should be used and construction specifications should be implemented to ensure the safety and quality of the project and achieve the ideal appearance effect.

Flexible clay panels manufacturers can customize various types of flexible clay panels products according to the requirements of customers to meet the appearance effect of the project.


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