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Advantages of flexible clay tiles in exterior wall renovation

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According to the market demand, at present, BRD mainly introduces six series of MCM face brick, MCM flexible stone, art stone, MCM wood, MCM skin and knitting, with more than 100 flexible clay panels varieties. According to the special needs of customers, BRD can also customize other flexible clay panels varieties. Because of its softness, flexible clay panels is especially suitable for high-altitude, special-shaped building exterior wall decoration, commercial space wall ground integration decoration, urban old wall renovation and space renovation. What are the advantages of flexible clay panels stone compared with traditional stone?


1. Environmental protection advantages

Traditional stone: traditional stone, need to cut mountains.

flexible clay panels stone: the inspiration comes from the lines of precious stone. Through the flexible clay panels technology, it has achieved the lifelike and solved the problem of scarcity of traditional stone.

2. Construction advantages

Traditional stone: the stone is bulky and not easy to handle. It has a large loss in construction and requires high manual work. Especially in the construction of external wall, it must be hung dry, which increases the construction difficulty.

flexible clay panels stone: it is thin and light, easy to transport and easy to construct. The exterior wall decoration can be directly wet pasted, which is very convenient.

3. Safety advantages

Traditional stone: when the traditional stone is used in the high-rise wall, there is a potential safety hazard. If it falls from the high-rise building, it will cause harm to the people and vehicles under the building, so it has certain limitations.

flexible clay panels stone: as like as two peas of traditional stone, 1/14 is firmly adhered to the exterior wall and will not fall, but the appearance is similar to traditional stone.

4. Price advantage

Traditional stone: from a single product, flexible clay panels and general stone varieties, the price is comparable.

flexible clay panels stone: compared with the world's precious stone, flexible clay panels stone will have obvious price advantage. In addition, from the perspective of comprehensive construction cost, flexible clay panels stone has a strong cost-effective advantage, which is embodied in the transportation cost, loss cost, construction cost and maintenance cost.

5. Expressive advantage

In terms of expressiveness, flexible clay panels stone is particularly good at decorating columns and special-shaped structures. To achieve this goal, traditional stone materials need to waste a lot of stones, while flexible clay panels can easily do it.

6. Performance advantages

The impact resistance of traditional stone is not as good as that of flexible clay panels stone. Under the impact of hammer, the traditional stone will be broken, while the flexible clay panels stone can be intact.


These characteristics of MCM flexible clay panels make it have unique advantages in the field of external wall reconstruction of old city. As a new type of energy-saving exterior wall decoration material, MCM flexible clay panels can save construction cost, save space and bring great benefits to developers, in addition to its strong performance, anti-seismic and anti cracking function, renewable and other functions. Therefore, the advantages of flexible clay panels in the renovation of external walls are becoming more and more obvious.


Flexible clay panels is a kind of environmental protection and ecological building materials. In addition, flexible clay panels construction decoration materials have a strong expression, which can not only realistically show the color and texture of existing materials such as stone, ceramics, wood, leather, knitting, metal plate, weaving, fair faced board, but also create personalized expression according to the planning requirements of builders and planners.


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