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All The Way With You, Trip Together!

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Beginning of the new year

Vientiane update 

Ushered in the first launch of the Started General Assembly of 2017

The atmosphere of harvest is always so rich



We meet here and enjoy the good days

We meet here, enjoy the golden rooster reported the morning



In BRDECO, never lack of joy and surprise

As the saying goes, destined to meet thousands of miles, BRDECO let us meet here, the common experience, the common witness, from the immature rookie to the mature career of the perfect sales consultant, from passive work to the attitude of active knowledge, from always meet the wall, again and again to meet the difficulties, to finally usher in the the fruit of victory, BRDECO family is always your best witness, mutual support, joy, in this family, regardless of the success or failure, you will feel very warm.



At BRDECO, in order to share the commitment

Customers are our close partners, in order to a commitment to customers, staff of BRDECO is difficult to accompany his family a lot of holidays, only to partner satisfaction, to create value for customers, creating value for the company, BRDECO have been on the road! Yesterday's experience will become today's obstacles, so we have been learning, continuous improvement, the power of example has always been around every corner of the company, for the common goal to forge ahead. Let our Prefabricated Insulated Wall Panels bring warm to you in this cold winter.



Our efforts are beyond your imagination

In 2016, the company has achieved remarkable results, which can not do without all the BRDECO staff share and pay. When the time and time to obtain customer recognition, when you see the rapid development of the company, when standing on the podium to enjoy the fruits of victory,  the heart is joyful. Looking back on this year, they have learned to thanksgiving, thanks to of the right guidance of leader, thanks to the company provides such a valuable development platform, Thanks to we did not live up to golden years, just to honor the promise of the beginning, live up to the good times.



Looking to tomorrow, is a new opportunity and challenge

At the beginning of the new year, BRDECO will also face a new challenge with a new look. The company has introduced more high-end Automatic Garage Door production line equipment, on the basis of improve quality and efficiency, keeping up with the pace of the times, bring more convenience and quality assurance to the customer's project ; 2017 BRDECO operating mechanism sublimation meeting has been successful closing, perfect operating mechanism create a more humane development space for the BRDECO staff; new incentives announced, inspired the enthusiasm of the staff, for their success provide more likely! 2017, we would like to "all the way with you, trip together!”


Here, I would like to represent all the family of BRDECO

I wish you

Happy New Year, all wishes will come true!


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