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Application of PU panels in national substation construction process and precautions

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The exterior wall enclosure of the following substation projects adopts the new PU rock wool sandwich panel produced by BRD. The panel has the advantages of good waterproof effect, fireproof grade A, beautiful appearance and fast construction.


A. Three links and one leveling

1. Pile extension

2. Retest grid

After the site trees and houses are cleared and before the site is leveled, the re survey shall be carried out according to the 5 m × 5 m grid.

3. Surface soil cleaning

Before earthwork construction, the surface soil containing silt, cultivated soil, weeds, roots and other surface soil on the site shall be cleaned up, and stored in a suitable position of the site to avoid secondary transportation. Effective rain proof covering measures shall be taken for the backfill soil source in the station area.


B. Foundation pit support and well point dewatering construction

Usually, the indoor substation is located in the neighborhood or the location with poor conditions. The earthwork in the station area needs to be replaced. The foundation pit support is required during the foundation construction. Well point dewatering construction is also required for the high groundwater level. If such construction is involved, the construction shall be carried out according to the requirements to ensure safety.

C. Construction of grounding grid

In the construction of building foundation stage, the main grounding network is buried. If the grounding material is copper, it should be prepared in advance.


D.Construction of retaining wall, wall and slope protection

The substation should construct retaining wall and enclosure wall as soon as possible and implement closed management; for fence section with slope protection, slope protection should be constructed first and then enclosure wall should be constructed. During the construction of retaining wall or enclosure foundation, the main drainage pipe, incoming cable trench, electrical buried pipe and grounding outgoing line shall be embedded according to the drawing design.

E.Building construction

1. Foundation and main body construction

(1) Foundation treatment; (2) foundation, waterproof and basement construction; (3) indoor and outdoor scaffold erection; (4) frame construction. Generally, there are several elevations from the second floor to the roof, and the top shall be sealed in the order from low to high during construction.

2. Other matters needing attention

In building construction, attention should be paid to the following aspects: (1) for the project with basement layer, pile foundation and cushion layer shall be constructed first, and then waterproof layer shall be constructed. Before outdoor earthwork backfilling, waterproof construction of basement exterior wall shall be completed; (2) after foundation reaches ± 0.000 and earthwork backfilling of outdoor apron slope is completed, external scaffold hardening layer shall be set, downpipe and rainwater well shall be built, and outlet buried pipe shall be reserved; (3) Before the erection of external wall scaffold, the construction of outdoor cable trench at the apron slope shall be completed; (4) before the main structure construction, the main body of indoor cable trench is completed, and before the laying of cable trench, layout shall be carried out to eliminate the special-shaped cover plate; (5) the vertical poles of internal and external scaffold shall not be erected on the ground ring beam, and the masonry time of the wall shall be reasonably planned; (6) before the removal of indoor full scaffold, the ceiling shall be plastered (7) crane shall be used for vertical transportation; (8) roof waterproofing, thermal insulation and exterior wall decoration construction shall be completed before the exterior wall scaffold is removed; (9) the standing time of wall masonry shall not be less than 30 days, and the interval of wall layer painting shall not be less than 2 days; (10) the handover acceptance shall be conducted before the roof waterproof construction, and the construction can only be carried out when the conditions are met; (11) the embedded pipe (box) in the structure shall be Construction by civil engineering team; timely storage of wall masonry materials; hand over and acceptance before delivery of electrical installation, and the form installation of rooms involving electrical installation shall be completed before delivery and installation; (12) waterproof treatment shall be paid attention to during construction of through wall casing plate; (13) switch room is located in deep backfill area, so it is suggested to adopt cement mixing pile or cutting panel foundation treatment for indoor floor to prevent Settlement. (14) (15) it is suggested that the owner's project department invite the substation operators to participate in the joint inspection of drawings, and clarify the decoration modification matters in the meeting minutes.


F.Other construction

1. Road safety and civilized construction layer construction

Urge the relevant drawings affecting road construction, arrange the construction of access road, road safety and civilized construction layer and cable trench (pipe laying) as soon as possible.

2. Indoor equipment foundation treatment construction: if the geological conditions are poor, the construction should be carried out along with the building foundation treatment.

3. Construction of grounding main network and branch network

After the construction of grounding main network is completed, substation is required to conduct resistance test of grounding main network.

4. Construction of main drainage network

The drainage pipeline outside the station shall be completed as far as possible before the regional drainage construction to avoid the formation of "blind pipe".

G.Safe and civilized construction layout

Before the commencement of the project, the general layout of safe and civilized construction and the implementation rules of safe and civilized construction shall be compiled and reviewed; the layout of temporary facilities shall be implemented in accordance with the documents issued by the branch company; after the formal commencement of the project, four plates and one drawing and safety and civilization signs for temporary construction of production and office shall be arranged; after the completion of road subgrade construction, the regional enclosure shall be arranged in place; during the construction process, the foundation pit shall be hard protected, and The signpanels are arranged in place; after the regional construction is basically completed and before and after the electrical mobilization, the publicity slogans, regional fences, regional responsibility signs and warning signs are arranged and maintained in time.


H.Handover and acceptance

Before the substation enters the construction site, the handover and acceptance procedures shall be handled. The main contents include: handover time of electrical installation room, pouring time of road surface layer (if the road has not been poured), responsibility division of safe and civilized construction, and construction time of outdoor lamp foundation.

I. Finishing work

1. Earthwork leveling: after the regional work is completed, a earthwork leveling construction shall be carried out on the site.

2. Main transformer oil pool bottom plate and top pressing: the oil pool bottom plate shall be provided with dividing joints; the construction shall be carried out after the main transformer is installed in place.

3. Indoor floor paint: the construction shall be completed at a reasonable time before the substation is put into operation.

4. Construction of dry sticky stone on the wall: prepare materials according to the schedule, pay attention to the protection of finished products, and prevent wall pollution.

5. After the project is put into operation, the temporary transformer shall be removed in time and the water and electricity account cancellation procedures shall be handled in time.

6. After the project is put into operation, timely arrange the subcontractor to dismantle the office and production temporary buildings and resume farming (no subcontracting is allowed), which meets the requirements of environmental protection and water conservation.


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