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[BRD classroom] construction process of flexible clay tiles(Ⅴ)

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flexible clay tiles is a new type of building decoration material, light weight, thin texture, crack resistance and frost resistance. It is more and more widely used in decoration construction. Today, we will introduce the construction process of flexible clay tiles exterior wall brick,we will talk about the fifth step.


Ⅴ,Treatment of special parts
1. The external corners of the building are glued diagonally, and the joints are straight and consistent. When the vertical dimension of window and column is not consistent with the modulus of face brick, the cutting must be symmetrical, and zero adjustment is not allowed. The size of face brick cut on both sides should be consistent and the joint should be uniform.
2. The pressing direction of facing brick should be correct, the side brick of window should be cut 2 ~ 3mm of frame edge, both sides of door and window frame should be uniform, the flashing slope of window sill and waist line should not be less than 5%, and the molding of face brick at the lower opening of window frame should not exceed the main frame.
3. A 5mm gap shall be reserved between the brick forming at the side of the door and window frame and the edge of the frame. When pointing, the? 6 steel bar shall be pressed into a small arc along the frame edge or the reserved 5mm gap shall not be pointed. The door and window manufacturer shall directly use sealant.


4. The parts with drainage requirements should be made into drip line, and the plane bricks on the side of doors and windows should be inlaid with high inside and outside bottom to ensure the correct flashing slope.
5. The partition joints shall be set reasonably according to the facade design, and the spacing of the dividing joints shall be set according to the floor height of 2.9m, or the partition line position shall be taken as the boundary, and the weatherproof sealant close to the color of the facing brick shall be used for filling.


6. Internal corner: back 3mm on one wall, and fill in joint sealant after joint cleaning.
7. External corner: during the construction of external corner, 3 ~ 5mm joint shall be reserved intentionally, and joint sealant shall be filled after joint cleaning.


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