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[BRD classroom] construction process of flexible clay tiles(Ⅲ)

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flexible clay tiles is a new type of building decoration material, light weight, thin texture, crack resistance and frost resistance. It is more and more widely used in decoration construction. Today, we will introduce the construction process of flexible clay tiles exterior wall brick,we will talk about the third step.

 Joint cleaning, caulking and pointing


For non dense joint, single component joint agent (flexible clay tiles professional sealant with anti efflorescence function, black or cement gray color can be selected or determined by design), and the mixing method is the same as that of adhesive.
1. Seam cleaning: when the splicing method is adopted, because the thickness of the flexible clay tiles is only 2 ~ 3mm, it is necessary to carry out the joint cleaning treatment to facilitate the filling of the sealant paste. If the joint is not cleared, the normal joint filling and pointing operation can not be carried out after the joint adhesive is dried. The joint cleaning operation must be completed after pasting and before the initial setting of the adhesive. It is convenient to clean up immediately after pasting, and it can be used with spatula blade or small flat blade.


2. Caulking: after adjusting the joint filler, it can be poured into the plastic triangle bag, and the back part should be tied tightly;
According to the requirements of seam width, use scissors to cut a small opening properly, extrude it with a little force, fill it in the seam, and properly pop out the seam. The joint filler should not be too dry or too thin to facilitate extrusion and not flow.
3. Jointing: after the sealing material is properly watered, and before it is dry (controlled by workers according to weather conditions), the smooth steel bar round bar shall be used for pointing, from top to bottom, short joint first and then long joint. The diameter of the pointing round bar shall be 2-4mm larger than the joint width.


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