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Brd Participated In The Vietnam International Building Materials Expo And Achieved Great Results!

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The 2023 Vietnam International Building Materials Expo has a perfect curtain call

August 9th - August 13th

Baorunda met with many customers at the Ho Chi Minh City Exhibition Center, and the good news was frequent


Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City International Building Materials Expo has a large scale, strong professionalism, wide range of influence, and strong regional radiation ability. It plays an important role in the directional development of Vietnam and the entire Southeast Asian construction industry. It has a history of more than 20 years and has attracted global high-end suppliers. Many decision makers in the industry have face-to-face in-depth exchanges and cooperation.

BRD has attracted the attention of buyers at the Vietnam International Building Materials Expo. Knowing that BRD participated in the exhibition, many new and old customers came here to inquire about energy-saving products.

The site of the BRT exhibition was full of crowds and bustling, attracting a large number of overseas buyers. The small partners who participated in the exhibition work enthusiastically and patiently explained the characteristics and advantages of Baorunda's new energy-saving products to each customer.


After the customers listened to the explanation and had a certain understanding of BRD products, they all showed strong cooperation intentions and conducted in-depth negotiations.



At this exhibition, BRD exhibited PU, PIR, rock wool new energy-saving board series, thermal insulation and decoration integrated board series, curtain wall aluminum veneer series, MCM flexible soft porcelain series, multi-functional coating series, clean wall board series Materials such as prefabricated systems have received enthusiastic attention and cooperation with intentional demand.





Over the years, BRD has always attached importance to the development and development of foreign markets. At present, its products have been exported to the world, and it has successfully signed agency contracts with customers in Australia, Vietnam, Germany and other regions. It has a large number of stable strategic partners who cooperate deeply and trust each other.

Through this Vietnam International Building Materials Expo, Baorunda has gained a group of new partners, which has stabilized the win-win cooperation with old customers and further promoted the development and growth of foreign markets.

In the future, BRD will seize the opportunity to set sail for a better tomorrow with dreams as the shore and struggle as the oar; it will also uphold the original intention, focus on energy conservation and environmental protection, continue to innovate ecological products, expand overseas markets, and become a global assembly System material solution provider!

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