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Chen Jinyu, chairman of Zhongyuan Reguarantee Group visited BRD

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On July 24, Chen Jinyu, chairman of Zhongyuan Reguarantee Group, and his party visited BRD for inspection, and Zhu Zhengye, general manager of BRD new materials, warmly received them.


Zhongyuan Reguarantee Group Co., Ltd. is the only government Reguarantee institution in Henan Province. It is the contracting and cooperating unit of national financing guarantee fund, the director unit of China financing guarantee industry association, and the president unit of Henan Provincial Financing Guarantee Industry Association. All along, Zhongyuan Reguarantee Group gives full play to the advantages of guarantee service and government organization to provide for enterprise development and scientific and technological innovation Financing guarantee support helps enterprises to transform, upgrade and develop with high quality.pu sandwich panel


Chairman Chen Jinyu and his party's visit is aimed at in-depth understanding of the current development of the enterprise and providing targeted service support. BRD, as a key enterprise in our city, has become the inspected unit.
During the visit, chairman Li Jinyu and his party visited the modern production workshop of BRD. The automation production line of the company was busy. Under the background of global epidemic situation, BRD maintained strong sales vitality and market competitiveness.


In the multi-functional exhibition hall of BRD, the company's series of products won praise. BRD polyurethane composite board, external wall insulation integrated board, steel composite board, genuine gold plate, purification board, environmental protection coating, soft porcelain, door system, etc. are the latest mainstream architectural decoration products in the world, which are in line with the development trend of environmental protection, green and energy conservation, and have broad prospects at home and abroad.rock wool sandwich panels


Zhu Zhengye, general manager of BRD new materials, introduced the business development of BRD at this stage. "During the epidemic period, like many enterprises, BRD was facing unprecedented pressure and challenges. However, under the guidance of strong national policies, BRD returned to work and production as soon as possible. In the first half of the year, it maintained a steady and forward development trend and made a series of outstanding achievements."


By the end of the first half of this year, The company's market expansion in the United States, Australia, Canada and other places has further expanded in the international competition,The sales volume of baorunda increased by 45% compared with the previous years, and the sales performance in the first half of the year reached a new record.exterior thermal insulation


It is precisely because of the strong policy support of the government and the good business environment that BRD's development has the foundation, backing and confidence to create greater economic benefits in a larger market.
In the future, BRD will continue to give full play to the industrial advantages of the Group, make persistent efforts, deeply cultivate the product quality, pay close attention to technological innovation, constantly strengthen the core competitiveness of the brand, upgrade the added value of products, and make greater contributions to the national and regional economic development!



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