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Construction scheme of flexible clay panels for various walls

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In recent years, people have focused on health, green, ecological, environmental protection and other aspects. As "actively promoting green buildings and building materials" has become the general trend, flexible clay panels, as a decorative material, has quietly sprouted in some engineering fields and gradually become the mainstream. The emergence of flexible clay panels is not only a response to the call of the state for green environmental protection building materials,but also a new explanation of the beauty of global building materials..
So, this new material, what should be paid attention to when constructing on different wall surfaces?
Flexible clay panels construction on new wall
For the newly built walls, the walls built less than half a year are all new ones. Before the construction of new walls, because the walls are cement mixtures, there is alkali in them. The time is not long, and the chemical reactions are not fully exposed to the air, and the walls still have a certain alkalinity. Before pasting flexible clay panels, the wall surface should be treated first, and then a layer of alkali inhibiting agent should be brushed first, and then paste with flexible clay panels, which can effectively achieve alkali-proof and alkali resistance.


flexible clay panels construction on ceramic tile wall
For the ceramic tile wall, if the ceramic tile is not removed, two confirmation should be made first. The first is whether the ceramic tile on the wall is stable and whether it will fall off. If it does not fall off, a layer of interface agent can be directly applied on the surface to enhance the stable structure of the wall surface, and then the flexible clay panel can be pasted. If the ceramic tile is loose and going to fall off, it needs to be scraped off directly and then applied with the interface agent, The potholes are filled with adhesive directly.


flexible clay panels construction on painted wall
If there is peeling or falling off of the coating, the whole wall needs to be cleaned and removed even if there is a little bit of it. (the reason for this phenomenon is that the coating has reached its service life, and the bottom has been damaged, so it must be removed completely, otherwise any bottom will be loose, which will cause the material to fall off). Then brush the interface agent to clean the wall, and finally paste flexible clay panels.


flexible clay panels construction on cement wall
If there is no water leakage on the cement wall, the flexible clay panels can be directly pasted. The premise is that the wall is flat. If there is water leakage, waterproof coating should be made at the bottom layer first, and then pasted with flexible clay panels.


BRD flexible clay panels has many excellent properties, natural environmental protection, flexible, light weight. The paving area of the same weight is five times that of the ceramic tile, which has the incomparable advantages of traditional building materials. It is a new type of building material with economy, environmental protection, design and safety.


This new product is widely used in building decoration such as exterior wall, interior wall and ground, especially for exterior facing engineering of high-rise building, exterior facade decoration engineering of building, exterior wall surface material of urban old city reconstruction, facing layer of external thermal insulation system, and decoration engineering of arc wall, arch column and other heterosexual buildings. Welcome to visit for cooperation and consultation.


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