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Cooperate And Leading - Our General Manager

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In this rapidly changing world, the choice of like-minded partner, is the choice of success. Lead a team of people rely on the commitment, and lead a strong team starting, it need the leader who has the strategist's ability and ahead of the strategic vision. To make the enterprise sound sailing, the general manager of the enterprise plays a key leader role. Today, let us walk into Zhu Zhengye, is the general manager of BRDECO.



From confidant to the business partners

If you can become friends, probably because like-minded. Mr Zhu and BRDECO's chairman Huang Qiang met in the youth, deep friendship lets they are very familiar with others’ temperament, style of doing things, the common ideal let two young people hit it off, from the beginning of business to today, it has already several years. They make a light road to our PUF Insulated Sandwich Panels.



Several times ups and downs, not change the initial heart

Mr Zhu is always strict. When I talked about the company 's development over, he said lightly. "because of the management direction, transformation and upgrading of the problem, BRD was once in a difficult situation. But it is these times, relying on the joint efforts of the whole company management and the group from top to bottom, we overcome these problems, again and again reborn, these made the BRDECO’s today, and also let us have more courage and emboldened to face the future.”



Cast - a strong platform team

In recent years, BRD market share continues to grow, the annual sales growth by leaps and bounds. "It is the most important that our environmental protection and energy-saving products (Prefabricated Sandwich Panels/external wall cladding system/steel truss deck/steel structure) are in line with the latest development direction of the country, and our team is tenacious and our sales managers are passionate and resilient," he said.


At the end of the interview, Mr Zhu said that the company will complete the main board listing within five years, which is a short-term dream. The next few decades we will continue to go firmly. These years, we have had the temptation and a variety of different voices, but we always remember that we come to the direction, focus on doing one thing, do fine, bigger, and this is the business of our struggle. I am honored work together with BRD.


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