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Cooperation From One Drip To A River

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Recently Manager Zhao signed a huge contract with Mr Ong, that is 11,600 square meters of glass wool panel. As the second cooperation from the first polyurethane sandwich panel in November of 2016, there came with the agenda that Mr Ong’ willingness to be the regional agent. Mr Ong is ethnic Vietnamese Chinese engaging in construction materials. Long years’ business makes him have an intimate knowledge of Chinese market, and have a forward eye in the construction trend.

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Backed to 2016, one of Mr Ong’s client wants to make a clean room, which has a high standard for environment protection, energy saving, fire resistance and warm keeping. Via the recommendation of Chinese partners, Mr communicated with Manager Zhao and selected BRD polyurethane sandwich panels. At the same time, Mr Ong sent the first-hand project data to Ms Zhao, with the help of design engineer Ms Ren’s twenty one revision and accomplished.

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“Systematic service means BRD whole involvement in the whole procedure from the project design to the final construction. Not only the manufacture and sales of product , but also the design department and construction management makes their contribution. The reason that we select BRD and further become the agent of BRD is based on consideration of BRD’s quality and profession.” said Mr Ong.

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Product is the staring line and basement of whole. BRD’s systematic products represent the new trend of construction materials, thus became the common choice of many agents. Service is the prerequisite of long time cooperation, BRD’s strong and positive support to client in advertisement, technology and client recourse. BRD sincerely welcome your cooperation.


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