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Creating a national health city, BRD is in action!

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On the afternoon of September 4, the national health technology assessment team came to our city to carry out technical assessment on the work of establishing a national health city in our city.  As a health education promotion unit, BRD has become one of the two enterprises selected for inspection.  National health city is an important symbol of the comprehensive function and civilization level of a city.


As an important economic entity of a city,  enterprises have the responsibility and obligation to make unremitting efforts in health education,  and make contributions to the construction of urban health, so as to make the environment more beautiful, more harmonious and more livable.



All along, BRD has been closely following the development requirements of national policies, focusing on environmental protection, green and energy-saving building materials, and independently developed the latest mainstream global architectural decoration products and system assembly products, such as polyurethane energy-saving panel, external wall insulation and decoration integrated board, steel sandwich panel, sterile purification board, environmental protection flexible tiles, multifunctional environmental protection paint, etc., to promote the harmony and beauty of urban buildings.


The visiting leaders and his party visited the modern office building of BRD, understood the development of health education work of BRD, and put forward the guidance for the next step of health and health work of BRD.


BRD is working hard on health education
1. Carry out health education lectures regularly
BRD organized a series of "health knowledge lectures" on prevention of infectious diseases and tobacco control to explain healthy lifestyle, prevention and control of occupational diseases, and teach employees practical knowledge and methods through training courseware and on-site demonstration.

2. Organize National Fitness Day activities
BRD advocates the concept of "happy work and healthy life". Every day, we hold activities to improve the quality of our employees.


3. Strictly control smoking and build a smoke-free factory
By carrying out a series of lectures on tobacco control knowledge, combining theory with practice and vivid explanation,
BRD New Material Group made employees understand the harm of tobacco. The company banned smoking completely and introduced a series of related systems, which attracted the attention of employees and achieved the goal of ordering and forbidding.


4. Assist in epidemic prevention and control
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is transmitted to all staff through the Internet after the outbreak of the nationwide epidemic prevention. Guidelines for prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia are transmitted to all staff. Emergency masks and medical alcohol are used for epidemic prevention, and timely grasp the health of employees during the Spring Festival holiday. At the same time, an emergency leading group for epidemic prevention is established to establish a safeguard mechanism. Ensure the normal development of resumption of work and production and the health and safety of all employees.


"There is only a starting point and no end point for the work of creating health. We will take this evaluation and acceptance as an opportunity to push the company's creation and health work into depth with greater enthusiasm, higher requirements and better performance. " BRD new materials general manager Zhu Zhengye said. In the future, BRD will also make unremitting efforts to create a national health city!


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