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Development Trend Of External Wall Cladding System

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At present, China's building energy consumption has accounted for 45% of the total energy consumption of the whole society. it is expected in 2020, the urban and rural housing construction area will add about 30 billion square meters, if not take a strong energy-saving measures, electricity 1.2 trillion KW.H and coal consumption of 410 million T in next year, building energy conservation without delay.

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Building energy-saving market can be divided into two parts, include new building energy-saving and existing building energy-saving Exterior Wall Cladding Systems transformation. It is estimated that China's existing construction area of 48 billion square meters, by 2020 will increase to 28 billion square meters, an average of 10-20 billion square meters. (Energy-saving long-term specialization) provides that the new energy-efficient building full implementation of energy-saving 50% for high energy-efficient buildings in 2010, it is estimated that 13 billion square meters need to carry out energy-saving transformation. In contrast, the building energy market will start on a large scale.     

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The development of low-carbon as an important policy-oriented in13th Five-Year Plan Outline, the next five years, China's energy-saving industry has a huge space for growth, the new insulation materials (Decorative Exterior Wall Panels)will be the most profitable.

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External Wall Insulation Decorative Board to achieve the factory mechanized production, the complete elimination of the operating environment and the uncertainty of the workers, and ultimately achieve superior quality and stability. It is not only energy saving, and the use of a wide range, I believe that there will be a great potential for development and market prospects.

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