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Environmental friendly flexible clay panels,your best choice

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In recent years, global hotspots have focused on health and environmental protection.Green buildings and materials become a general trend.

Flexible clay panels, a new decorative material, has gradually become the mainstream in some engineering fields.  flexible clay panels is the just response of green building materials.

 Flexible clay panels, a new environmentally friendly building material.

 Flexible clay panels is not ceramic or ceramic tile. It is made of modified clay (MCM) as the main raw material, and is formed, baked and irradiated by a special temperature-controlled molding system.  It is a kind of flexible material.  It has the appearance of ceramic tiles, so it is commonly known as  flexible clay panels. 


How is flexible clay panels produced

Inorganic materials such as soil, stone, sand, tailings, fly ash, cement blocks, bricks,etc. are collected according to the four colors(white, yellow, red, and black),and crushed into micro-level powders respectively, using specific active bases.The group is compound modified to form a highly active modified inorganic material.After more than 30 processes such as molding, baking, and irradiation crosslinking, the production process of  flexible clay panels is completed.


Application of  flexible clay panels

BRD  flexible clay panels is suitable for exterior wall, interior wall and ground,especially for high-rise building exterior decoration project,old building renovation exterior wall material,exterior insulation system decoration floor and curved wall, arched columns and other heterogeneous buildings decoration project.


Upgrade advantage of  flexible clay panels to traditional building materials


Lightweight, as we all know, most construction materials are tough to touch and heavy, which is not conducive to handling construction.  Each piece of  flexible clay panels products is only 2-4mm thick and weighs only 3-6kg per square meter. Moving 1 box of  flexible clay panels products, the area covered by it is equivalent to 5 boxes of tiles of the same specifications, which can save a lot of manpower and resources.


Flexible and bendable, BRD  flexible clay panels has an incredible bending angle to meet the design requirements of various shaped structures. The product has an elongation at break of 99%. It does not crack around a 20 cm diameter cylinder, which is equivalent to elastic coatings.  It can withstand the thermal stress and deformation of building structures and different thermal insulation base layers.



Durability, BRD  flexible clay panels composition is inorganic material, the color comes from the material itself, the color is natural and lasting.  The product itself will not have aging phenomena such as bulging, shedding, powdering, etc., and has excellent durability.


Environmental protection,  flexible clay panels uses natural modified mineral powder and plant fiber as raw materials, zero pollution, and the product can be recycled, reducing the pollution of industrial waste residues on land resources, is a truly environmentally friendly green material.



Fireproof, BRD  flexible clay panels is an inorganic non-combustible material with good fireproof performance.  The product adopts high-performance fireproofing and inorganic mineral ingredients to reach the A-level fireproofing standard, which can effectively block the spread of flames and protect building safety.


Self-cleaning, BRD  flexible clay panels is super hydrophilic.  Once it encounters rain, it can quickly form a water film on the surface of the material, making the dirt difficult to attach, but it will be washed away with the rain.



The construction is convenient, the  flexible clay panels is applied to the renovation of internal and external walls, without knocking out the old base surface, the construction is convenient, there is no waste output, the construction period is short, and the construction cost is greatly saved.


Rich expressiveness, soft tiles can not only realistically express the color and texture of existing materials such as stone, ceramics, wood, leather, knitting, metal plates, weaves, water boards, etc., but also can be created according to the design requirements of architects and designers.  Personalized expression.


Appreciation of  flexible clay panels engineering case






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