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Five minutes to understand the application of purification board in food workshop

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For food and medicine, the main culprit is microorganism, bacteria and other pollutants, and the purification engineering design of purification workshop in food factory can effectively solve the root causes. Food factory purification workshop to food a clean, clean production environment, to bring people health and safety of food.
Compared with the general air conditioning plant, what are the advantages of the purification panel food workshop? Let's have a look.
Clean panel food workshop vs general air conditioning plant
General air conditioning plant is to control temperature, humidity, wind speed, air composition, etc;
In addition to the parameters of air conditioning plant, the key point of purification panel food workshop is to control the particle concentration in the air to maintain cleanliness.
2. Advantages of filtration means:
General air conditioning plant adopts coarse and medium efficiency filtration and heat and moisture exchange equipment;
In addition to the air conditioning plant, the purification panel food workshop should also carry out high-efficiency ultra-high efficiency filter filtration, and sterilize and disinfect the living particles in the air to ensure the clean air in the clean workshop.


3. Advantages of air supply volume:
General air conditioning plant cooling 8-10 times/h air change, constant temperature room 10-15 times/h air change;
The air exchange rate of unidirectional flow cleaning workshop is 400-600 times/h, and that of non unidirectional flow food workshop is 15-60 times/h. The air supply volume is much larger than that of general workshops.
4. Advantages of pressure in workshop:
In general, there should be positive pressure in the air conditioning plant, but it is not an important index;
There must be positive pressure in the food workshop of purification panel to prevent the infiltration of external dust and the escape of internal pollutants, which will affect the product quality. In order to maintain the negative pressure for safety, three aspects of protection should be achieved to ensure the normal operation of the clean workshop.


5. Maintenance and management advantages:
General air conditioning plant regular detection of temperature and humidity is OK; purification panel food workshop in addition to temperature and humidity monitoring, but also regular detection of cleanliness, detection requirements are strict.
6. The control advantages of characters in and out:
There is no special control method for people in and out of the general air-conditioning plant;
When entering and leaving the clean workshop, the staff should change shoes, change clothes, shower, and sometimes take a shower. When entering the clean workshop, the goods should be wiped and drenched. Besides, the flow of people and logistics should be separated to separate the clean and dirty materials and prevent pollution.






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