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How Does BRD Protrude Its Advantage In New Industry Environment?

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The industry of domestic exterior wall cladding system has experienced great changes. By the end of last century, the main steam products in the industry of building materials were mainly per-lite and rock wool. By the first 10 years of this century, the main steam products became Organic thermal insulation material such as XPS and PU. And exterior wall cladding system as emerging product become popular for now.

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The roles exterior wall cladding system plays in constructions are as follows: thermal insulation, decoration and energy-saving. The reasons why BRD protrudes its advantages in the new environment of building materials are following:

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Good-looking Appearance

BRD provides over 600 kinds of real stone paint stone-imitation plans. Exclusive core technology stone-imitation makes sure that BRD wall cladding system looks so authentic and imitates more that 95% marble decoration surface. Also, wall cladding system can be customized according to different architecture styles.

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High Inner Quality

What really differs BRD products from other products in the market is not only the appearance, but the high inner quality. 100% mechanization eliminates uncertainty brought by the working environment and workers and makes sure all products that are made are of great quality and stable.BRD only focuses on the research and production of top-rated products. And all external wall cladding systems produced by BRD have high standards of fire-resistance, self-cleaning, waterproof,insulation and security.

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Guaranteed One-Stop Service

It is not difficult to find a high-quality product in the market, however, a supplier who provides systemic service from product, design to construction is hardly to be seen. With 23-year experience in the business of exterior wall decoration, BRD has gathered a high-standard group of design and construction which provides one-stop service for customers without any after-sale worries.


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