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[Important Policy] The NDRC has made a big voice, and the external wall insulation panel welcomes the spring

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A few days ago, the NDRC issued the announcement of the "Catalogue of Encouraged Industries in the Western Region (this draft for comments in 2020)". Among them, the thermal insulation and decoration integrated panel is included in the encouraged product in the announcement, which means that the development of cladding panel is once again get support at the national level.

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As the vice chairman company of the integrated panel branch, BRD has been deeply involved in new building materials for exterior wall insulation for many years, helping the sustainable development of China's building materials industry and promoting the upgrade of green products.
Why do we strongly recommend an integrated panel for exterior wall insulation and decoration?
1. Convenient construction and reduce costs
In terms of construction, the traditional exterior wall insulation coating system is generally constructed step by layer on site, which requires a long construction time and complicated procedures. However, BRD integrated panel adopts factory-standard mass production and one-time forming, and the construction period is about 60% less than the traditional construction period, and is not restricted by internal and external factors such as weather, seasonal climate, geographical environment, construction team quality, and compatibility of various materials. It not only speeds up the progress of the project, but also saves construction costs and reduces the overall cost.

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△ BRD automatic intelligent manufacturing workshop

2. More choices, strong decoration
The luxurious and beautiful decoration effect makes the building stand out the grade and taste. The unique stone-like core technology makes the decoration effect realistic. There are more than 2000 classic finishes to choose from. It can also be exclusively customized according to the architectural style. While meeting the actual effect of the building, more Individualized.

Wall Cladding Insulation Panel catalog-BRD group-8

△ Display of partial finishes of BRD thermal insulation and decoration integrated panel
3. Free design, one-stop service
From the customer's point of view, BRD provides one-stop system products, design and construction services. The professional design engineer team goes deep into the front line of the project from the early stage of the project, and guarantees the high quality of the construction project on the basis of cost savings, eliminating all customer worries .


△ BRD thermal insulation and decoration integrated panel is suitable for a variety of scenarios
4. Sales is king, word of mouth witness
BRD integrated panel products are widely trusted and loved by customers abroad, as far as the United States, Italy, New Zealand, Thailand, Australia and other more than 80 countries, the market layout is growing rapidly, and the product sales are rising year after year.
Showcases of some projects of BRD:

Wall Cladding Insulation Panel catalog-BRD group-24

Wall Cladding Insulation Panel catalog-BRD group-36

Wall Cladding Insulation Panel catalog-BRD group-39

BRD has been practicing environmental protection, energy saving, and environmental symbiosis. In the future, BRD will continue to fulfill its corporate responsibility in the building materials industry, deepen the development of green building materials, and contribute its own strength to building a green earth!


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