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Leaders From Provincial Financial Office and Xuchang Municipal Financial Bureau Visited BRD

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On June 30, Zuo shouting, deputy director of Henan financial services office, Yang Yunzhi, director of Xuchang municipal financial work bureau, and others visited BRD for investigation. Jiao Yang, general manager of BRD new material manufacturing center, and Wang Jianbo, director of investment and financing center, accompanied the visit.1

The purpose of this visit is to understand the financing environment, risk disposal and loan demand of green transformation projects,strengthen the negotiation between banks and enterprises,and help enterprises develop faster and better.


As a key representative enterprise of Xuchang City, BRD has become an important station of the observation work.
The leaders of the delegation visited the plant and production line of BRD, and had a detailed understanding of the product structure, industry prospect, export market and innovation promotion of BRD.


BRD always firmly grasps the national policy guidance, takes the green building, environmental protection and energy conservation as the development core, makes the new energy-saving building products that meet the development requirements, and takes the external wall thermal insulation and decoration integrated panel, PU energy-saving panel, steel sandwich panel, door system and other series of products as the representative. Its marketing network radiates the world, and the domestic and foreign market prospects are broad.


The guidance of the visiting leaders doubled the confidence of BRD. Wang Jianbo, director of BRD investment and financing center, gave a detailed report on relevant work of BRD.


On the premise of strictly preventing financial risks, the Financial Bureau will further innovate the financing service mode, strengthen the strength and allocation of financial institutions, better provide high-quality services for enterprises, continuously enhance enterprise assistance, and promote the high-quality development of local economy and society,Director Zuo said.


It is precisely because of the strong policy support of the government and the active economic environment of our city that the development of BRD has the foundation, backing and confidence to create greater economic benefits in a larger market.


In the future, BRD will continue to give full play to the industrial advantages of the group, make persistent efforts, deeply cultivate the product quality, pay close attention to technological innovation, constantly strengthen the core competitiveness of the brand, upgrade the added value of products, and make greater contributions to the national and regional economic development with the strong support of the government and leaders at all levels!


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