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Old building renovation gives buildings new appearance and connotation!!

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Building is like the coat of a city, and it is inevitable to face the problem of "aging" over the years. According to the actual situation of renovation and reconstruction of old buildings in the city, BRD has developed a new type of ecological building material - external wall thermal insulation and decoration integrated panel, which is safe and durable , fire protection and thermal insulation, improve the "appearance" of buildings are more and more widely used, for a building to put on a "new clothes", give them new characteristics.

The integrated panel is especially suitable for the following renovations
01 business center
Safety and environmental protection, no construction waste: there is a large flow of people in the commercial center, so the safety of materials and construction is very important. Once an accident happens, the consequences are hard to estimate. The integrated panel is light and thin, safe and environmental protection, and fast construction, which is the high-quality material selection for the old transformation of commercial center.


02 old city community
The construction is convenient and does not disturb the residents: the old city community has a fixed architectural pattern and style, which is out of touch with the urban development and needs to be upgraded. Without changing the original building structure, the integral slab construction is fast, the noise is low, and there is no construction waste, which is the best choice for the reconstruction of the old city community.


03 campus renovation
Ecological environmental protection, safety and health: the integrated panel can provide safe, healthy and beautiful decoration solutions for contemporary campus. From teaching building, canteen, dormitory to library and gymnasium,
the integrated panel can be customized to meet the diversified needs of contemporary campus.


04 municipal renovation
Solemn atmosphere and style: municipal projects require extremely high requirements.
BRD exterior wall integral panel creates a quiet and strict feeling, which sets off the magnificent and neat layout of the building.


05 old plant reconstruction
The old plant area radiates new life: the
integrated panel is used for the reconstruction of the old factory building, which is convenient for construction and low in comprehensive cost. It can also be customized according to the needs of the project to meet the unique design requirements.


Advantages of old transformation of BRD integrated panel


1.BRD integrated panel has rich categories, five kinds of insulation core layers and more than 2000 kinds of veneer options, which can be customized to meet the needs of the project.
2.The construction period is saved by 60% compared with the traditional method.
3.Environmental protection new materials, green building materials certification products, light weight, safe, firm, with the same life as the building

4.BRD thermal insulation integrated panel,The factory standard batch production is adopted, and the one-time forming is convenient and labor-saving. The labor cost is low, and the logistics and handling costs are low.

After the transformation and renovation of BRD integrated panel, the architectural appearance is completely new, greatly prolonging the building life, improving the architectural taste, and wearing a layer of thermal insulation, fire prevention and waterproof coat for the building.


BRD Nanjing University graduate student apartment building project renovation


BRD Linying South Street Village project reconstruction


Reconstruction of BRD office building of Inner Mongolia Electric Power Bureau
In the future, BRD will continue to uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, forge high-quality products, create more excellent projects, help the "gorgeous transformation" of buildings, and make the "new clothes" of buildings with proper tailoring and personality, so as to make the city more beautiful!


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