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Precautions for lacquer paint construction

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In winter, rain, snow, frost and other bad weather not only make the lacquer construction difficult, but also most easily lead to construction problems. If the real lacquer can achieve the ideal visual effect, in addition to careful construction, the climatic conditions of construction are very important, especially in winter, when the real lacquer spraying meets the bad weather of low temperature and high humidity, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of paint film whitening, streaking and even falling off. To avoid similar situations, please read the following notes carefully.


1. In order to ensure the integrity of the coating, the primer and main coating shall be the products of the same manufacturer.

2. Brushing primer: after the putty has been scraped, the primer shall be applied. Before use, the paint shall be evenly mixed, and the brush shall not be missed or sagging. Brush can be used for construction where construction is difficult. The amount of the primer is about 0.12 sqm / kg.

3. Lacquer construction

1) The primer must be dry before spraying the real lacquer. When spraying real lacquer, the muzzle of the gun must be vertical to the wall, and there should be no large angle inclination, so as to avoid the blooming caused by the different arrangement of sand particles; when spraying, the muzzle should be away from the wall 1000 PX is appropriate, and the distance is constant during the spraying process. Otherwise, when the distance is too close, the sand particles at the opposite position of the gun muzzle are closely arranged, the color is dark, and the surrounding color is lighter; when the sand is too far away, the adhesion force is not enough, and the color will become lighter.

2) Spray evenly, the gun speed is the same, can not stop on the wall; start spraying shooting, can not face the wall, after spraying gun, can not face the wall, to remove the gun muzzle and then close the spray gun, to avoid causing hair spray.

3) Each spraying surface should be completed at one time as far as possible. The construction must be carried out from top to bottom of the building. Each spraying should be bounded by the joint of internal and external corners or downpipes. If there is no internal and external corner or downpipe in a large range, more people should be arranged side by side to avoid the joint on the large surface. When a cage cannot be sprayed at one time and needs to be stopped, it should be stopped on the horizontal decorative line as far as possible to avoid horizontal joint during the next spraying. The amount of real lacquer is about 4-5kg / m2.


4. Finished product protection

There are two colors of real lacquer. When working in cross operation, it must be protected to avoid mutual pollution and causing blooming. The specific method is to spray one color, dry it, and then use plastic film to protect its contact with another color, then spray another color, and then remove the protective film after spraying. After the construction of real lacquer, we must pay attention to protect the finished product, which can not be damaged or polluted. Because the stone like paint is very difficult to repair, only the whole wall can be sprayed once.


5. Construction finish

After the real lacquer is completely dried for 24h, the finishing paint can be applied only after it is completely dried. During the roll coating construction, it is necessary to roll evenly, not to hang, and try to reduce the splicing, so as to avoid too thick and too high gloss in some places, causing blooming due to different luster.


6. Pay attention to the construction conditions

It is necessary to avoid the construction under the environmental conditions of temperature lower than 5 ℃ and relative humidity higher than 85%, so as to avoid hairspray caused by poor film-forming of stone like paint; it should not be applied in windy weather, so as to avoid that it is difficult to spray the stone like paint on the wall, causing a lot of waste, and it is difficult to spray evenly to form hair flower in strong wind, and the real lacquer may also dry too fast and crack in strong wind.

7. Due to the thick coating and long drying time of real lacquer spraying, attention should be paid to weather forecast. Make construction arrangement to avoid construction before rain and snow.


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