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Product Introduction—PU Edge Sealing Rock Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel

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The thickness of BRD PU edge sealing rock mineral wool sandwich panel is 50mm-200 mm. The panel type has small ripple, pure flat or single mirror surface, invisible hidden nails. It can be installed horizontally or vertically. The thickness of conventional color steel is 0.4mm-0.8mm. The insulation core materials are A-grade fireproof rate Rock Mineral Wool and glass wool. The effective width is 1m, and the length can be customized according to the requirements.

PU side seal Rock Mineral Wool panel

1. Material selection:

High quality structural Rock Mineral Wool with density of 120kg / m3 is selected and extracted from high-quality basalt. The density range is 80 kg / m3-200 kg / m3. It has excellent fire prevention, heat preservation and heat insulation, no corrosion, moisture resistance, water repellency and sound absorption performance.

The metal panel is made of high quality galvanized or coloured zinc coated steel sheet, with a thickness of 0.4-0.8mm. It has anti-corrosion and anti-aging properties.

2. Process:

The steel plate is rolled by the forming machine and then compounded in the Rock Mineral Wool factory. The fiber direction of the Rock Mineral Wool block is perpendicular to the upper and lower surface of the sandwich panel, and the whole vertical and horizontal surface of the core panel is closely enriched. Rock Mineral Wool blocks and Rock Mineral Wool and upper and lower steel plates are connected by high-strength foaming agent to form a whole. The excellent production process ensures that the high density Rock Mineral Wool heat insulation body and the inner wall of the metal plate can produce a very strong adhesion force, so that the Rock Mineral Wool sandwich panel has a good stiffness.


3. Finished products:

PU edge sealing Rock Mineral Wool panel is a composite panel with galvanized color steel plate on both sides, structural Rock Mineral Wool in the middle, and PU insulation material with a width of 50 mm from the end on both sides.


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