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[Project Case]Ankang new drug R&D and Biomedical Engineering

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BRD 5000 square meter PU composite board application project in Shaanxi Province is a key construction project of the government, which represents the development direction of the country and plays a decisive role in social and economic development. BRD PU composite board, which is about to be completed in Shaanxi Ankang new drug R&D and biomedical engineering construction project, is the representative of the classic case engineering.


Ankang new drug research and development and Biomedical Engineering

Exterior wall material: BRD 75mm thickness PU edge sealing rock wool panel

Exterior wall color: BRD silver 505, sea blue 404



Ankang new drug R&D and biomedical engineering construction project is the key construction project in Shaanxi Province. The main body of the project is Ankang Beiyi University Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which has the National Key Laboratory, and the industrial chain covers the cultivation, scientific research, production and sales of natural drugs. After the completion of the project, three production lines of biological raw materials and chemical total synthetic raw materials will be built, which has far-reaching significance for the research and development of modern medicine.

In view of the particularity of pharmaceutical engineering, and taking into account the required strength and aesthetic properties of the plate, BRD recommends that the customer choose 75mm thick PU edge sealing rock wool board.



BRD introduces the international advanced puma PU composite board production line from Italy, which effectively guarantees the flatness of the wall panel surface, and has obvious advantages in accuracy and stability compared with the peers. At the same time, BRD edge sealing rock wool composite board has A-level fire resistance, strong deformation resistance, and is not easy to crack, which can reach the same service life as the building.



The large-scale project has strict requirements on delivery time. Customers visit BRD production line and have an intuitive feeling of product quality and production scale. At the same time, the design department, production department, storage and Logistics Department of BRD cooperated with each other to lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of the project.


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