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[Project Case]Application of BRD purification board in suixian people's Hospital of Shangqiu

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        With the continuous improvement of economic development in the world, the requirements for environmental protection and health are rising day by day, and the cleaning industry has attracted more and more attention from the public. As an important application material in the field of clean Engineering, purification board has become the common choice of many customers.The project of Shangqiu suixian people's hospital is a classic representative of the purification board case project.


Project Name: Shangqiu suixian people's Hospital

Product specification: BRD rock wool (magnesium oxysulfide) 50mm thickness machine-made purification board

Product application: hospital operating room

Clean board, also known as purification board, is a composite board made of color coated panel, stainless steel and other materials. It has unique dust-proof, anti-static and antibacterial effects. It has been widely used in electronics, pharmacy, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research, etc.

Building materials for hospitals have been a hot topic in recent years. In the past, hospitals usually used electrolytic steel panel, stainless steel panel, antirust aluminum panel, color steel panel. These products have more or less certain problems. The decoration of hospitals is generally renovated once every five years. In recent years, with the rapid development of new materials, some new material substitutes in the construction industry have emerged. Medical clean board stands out with multiple advantages.


        Shangqiu suixian people's hospital was founded in 1952. It integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and first aid. As a medical public place, the building materials used are strict in all aspects. "We have inspected many suppliers, and the scale of BRD factory makes us trust that the automatic production line can meet the requirements of high-standard products. After using a batch of ordered products, it has been applied well. We immediately purchased the second batch of larger orders. Now, all operating room projects use BRD mechanism purification panel." The project manager Du said.


        "From the initial contact to the construction process, we felt the high efficiency and service quality of BRD group to customers." Manager Du said. BRD has a mature and perfect systematic service system, every service is real, think of the customers, anxious customers. BRD is not only the most professional, but also the most understanding of you.


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