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[Project Case] BRD 150000 sqm external wall insulation panel is applied in Hongshan county project of Inner Mongolia

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Project Name: Hongshan project in Inner Mongolia

Product specification:

(1) 8mm panel, 7cm graphite polyphenylene panel imitation grey core material

(2) 8mm panel, 6cm rock wool imitation gold hemp integrated panel core material

Product application: BRD exterior wall cladding panel


Due to the special climate in Inner Mongolia, the precipitation is small and uneven, and the winter is long and cold. In recent years, the integrated version of exterior wall thermal insulation and decoration has become a local product vigorously promoted.


Hongshan County high-end residential district project benefits the people's livelihood, from the planning and design to the selection of building materials are very careful. The exterior wall of the project needs to meet the requirements of thermal insulation and cold resistance, and ensure the beautiful atmosphere. BRD fully meets the architectural requirements. With the advantages of high-quality products and high-quality services, BRD has become the external wall supplier of Hongshan county project through layer by layer screening of Jiawei real estate in Inner Mongolia. The order of BRD is 150000 square meters.

工厂 - 副本

As a kind of high-quality fire-proof and environmental protection material, BRD external wall insulation integrated panel has the performance of heat insulation, noise isolation, convenient construction, energy conservation and environmental protection. The veneer layer can truly restore the texture effect. The simulation degree is comparable to the natural stone. More than 3000 colors can be customized. It can be customized according to the customer's needs. It seems that there are still no texture matching. The low-key and steady color and high-end and elegant temperament are revealed, showing unique and elegant beauty.


BRD has been engaged in the field of external wall for 25 years. With rich industry experience, BRD provides free scheme guidance for customers. The high-level design team tracks the whole process. The supply mode of 0 intermediate link cost and automatic production guarantee timely delivery, which lays a solid foundation for the successful completion of Hongshan county project in Inner Mongolia.


BRD adheres to the spirit of ingenuity to manufacture more high-quality products, in order to open up the green building market, committed to providing the most valuable system engineering solutions for customers at home and abroad, win-win development and create the future together with you. Welcome to visit, cooperate and consult!



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