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[Project Case] BRD 48000 sqm exterior wall insulation integrated panel application

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In order to thoroughly implement the national green development concept, promote the construction of ecological civilization, strengthen the planning and design of green houses, and promote the low-carbon operation of the community, Shijiazhuang Jinyu Manor has undergone multiple comparisons and screenings, and finally cooperated with BRD to carry out a 48,000 square meter area Wall insulation decoration cooperation, 25 days delivery period, will be delivered perfectly soon.

logo0 - 副本1. The renderings of Shijiazhuang Jinyu Manor

Project Name: Shijiazhuang Jinyu Manor
Product application: BRD exterior wall insulation and decoration integrated panel
Product specifications: Finishing layer-real stone paint, sand in water, insulation layer-extruded panel, color-camel, brown

Jinyu Manor is located in Shijiazhuang Mazhuang, the "largest gathering of small grains in North China". The project covers an area of nearly 200,000 square meters. In the future, it will be built into China's grains city, changing the previous decentralized business model and greatly improving local life. Level, create a good business environment, and drive local economic development.


2. The external wall effect of Shijiazhuang Jinyu Manor

As a professional supplier of 48,000 square meters of integrated external wall panels for the Shijiazhuang Jinyu Manor project, BRD provides one-stop worry-free services from design to construction consulting to fully meet customer needs.


3. The exterior wall effect of Shijiazhuang Jinyu Manor

Waterproof and flame retardant constant temperature
High-quality exterior walls require high-quality materials.
The exterior wall thermal insulation and decoration integrated panel has stable chemical and physical properties, and its own structure and the compact concave-convex plug-in buckle-groove installation method between the plates avoids structural damage caused by rain, snow, freezing, thawing, dry, and wet cycles. The thermal insulation core material has been specially treated to have good flame retardant properties and prolong the service life of the building.

Ultra-low energy consumption and environmental protection
To save energy and protect resources, BRD has been practicing the concept of sustainable development.
The carrier layer and the insulation layer are made of light and recyclable environmentally friendly materials, which will not decompose mold, no radiation, and no pollution. During the construction process, construction waste is minimized, and the remaining leftover material can also be recycled and reused, which is easy to clean and durable Durable and long service life.

Safety decoration integrated
Safety and beauty are integrated to ensure safety and show the beauty of architecture.

The thermal insulation decorative integrated panel has the dual functions of decoration and thermal insulation: its structure and on-site installation mode ensure that the thermal insulation layer will not be damaged due to brutal construction; the various patterns of the decorative layer can also be customized, or imitate the texture of other materials , And the surface is smooth, 95% of the dirt is difficult to adhere.


4. The exterior wall effect of Shijiazhuang Jinyu Manor

BRD has always strictly followed the concepts of "energy saving and emission reduction", "green production", and "recycling", taking practical actions to take on the social responsibility of low carbon and environmental protection, and winning the affirmation of customers with a wholehearted attitude and spirit of excellence!BRD exterior wall panel

BRD believes that the delivery of Jinyu Manor will undoubtedly bring direct convenience to the living needs of nearby residents. BRD will continue to stick to its responsibilities and create green, high-quality and safe products with ingenuity


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