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[Project Case]BRD helps the transformation of old residential areas in the city

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Architecture is like the coat of a city, and it will gradually "age" over the years. Shengde community in Langfang, Hebei Province is a case in point. The 40 year old community is gradually getting old. In order to make the community rejuvenated, Shengde community, through multi-party comparison and layer by layer screening, finally joined hands with BRD to carry out 60000 square meters of external wall insulation and decoration integrated panel.

Project Name: Shengde community, Langfang

Product application: BRD exterior wall cladding panel

Product specification: facing layer - lacquer, sand in water, insulation layer - extruded panel, color - warm yellow, dark red.


Shengde community, located in Langfang, Hebei Province, is an old community with a history of 40 years. The exterior walls of the houses in the residential area often fall off after the wind and rain, which brings great risks to the residents of the community. In order to create a more harmonious and livable living environment, after the investigation of the government and community staff, decided to put on new clothes for the community.

1. Exterior wall effect of Langfang Shengde community


BRD, as a professional supplier of 60000 square meters exterior wall integrated panel of Langfang Shengde community project, provides one-stop worry free service from design to construction consultation to fully meet the needs of customers.

2. Exterior wall effect of Langfang Shengde community


Waterproof, flame retardant and constant temperature

The compact concave-convex plug-in buckle-groove installation method between the exterior wall thermal insulation and decorative integrated panels avoids structural damage caused by wind and rain. The thermal insulation core material has been specially treated to have good flame retardant properties and extend the use of buildings life.


Ultra low energy consumption and environmental protection

The integrated panel adopts recyclable environmental protection materials, which will not decompose. During the construction process, the construction waste can be minimized, and the remaining leftover materials can also be recycled and reused. It is easy to clean, durable and has a long service life.


3. Exterior wall effect of Langfang Shengde community

BRD has been strictly following the concept of "energy saving and emission reduction", "green production" and "recycling", and has taken the social responsibility of low-carbon and environmental protection with practical actions, and won the affirmation of customers with wholehearted attitude and the spirit of striving for perfection!


BRD believes that the delivery of Shengde community will undoubtedly bring direct convenience to the living needs of residents in the community. BRD will continue to adhere to its responsibility and create green, high-quality and safe products with ingenuity


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