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Project Case Wuhan biomedical production base

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01Industry leader Hanyu pharmaceutical

Hanyu Pharmaceutical (Wuhan) biopharmaceutical production base covers a total area of 342 mu, and the overall planning construction area is 250000 square meters. It is designed and built according to the highest standard in the world, namely cGMP standard. It introduces international leading technology and equipment, and has built a biomedical production base with international first-class level.

02Sincere cooperation between BRD and Hanyu pharmaceutical

Hanyu pharmaceutical Wuhan biomedical production base is of high standard. It is constructed by Wuhan Dongfang Construction Co., Ltd. as "the top 20 construction enterprises with comprehensive strength in Hubei Province". After more than 10 enterprises' investigation in Wuhan Oriental Construction, BRD New Material Co., Ltd. stands out from the brand strength, production scale and product advantages, and achieves strong cooperation.


In view of the particularity of biomedicine, and taking into account the required strength and aesthetic properties of the plate, Wang Shaojie, manager of BRD's domestic trade department, recommended that the customers choose polyurethane edge sealing rock wool board products for the construction of solid preparation joint plant and elevated three-dimensional warehouse.


03Join hands with Wuhan Dongfang Construction Co., Ltd. to build excellent projects

BRD, together with Wuhan Dongfang Construction Co., Ltd., is committed to building provincial and municipal benchmarking projects. From the installation stage of steel structure, the height difference of purlin structure should be controlled within 3mm. In case of force majeure such as rainy season, we should seize the time to ensure the quality and quantity of the whole project, so as to promote the successful delivery of the whole project.


Hanyu pharmaceutical Wuhan biomedical base

Exterior wall material: BRD 75mm thick / 100mm thick polyurethane edge sealing rock wool board


Exterior wall color: Baosteel TV grey, silver grey

BRD polyurethane edge sealing rock wool board has obvious advantages. The introduction of the most advanced Italian puma polyurethane composite board production line in the world has effectively guaranteed the flatness of the wall panel surface. Compared with the peers, it has obvious advantages in accuracy and stability. At the same time, BRD polyurethane edge sealing rock wool board is fireproof a, thermal insulation, waterproof, sound insulation, strong deformation resistance, and is not easy to crack, which can reach the same service life as the building. At present, it has provided professional building envelope and technical support services for hundreds of customers in food, electronics, medicine and other fields.


BRD pays attention to every detail and tracks the whole construction process from the early stage to the later stage of the project. In addition to providing high-quality products, one-stop free design and other value-added services can relieve customers of all worries.

The construction of the project is an important step for Hanyu pharmaceutical to expand its production capacity, and also a big step for BRD to create a high-quality project.


Deep plough made in China, build a high-quality project, BRD with quality endorsement, achievement of a classic project at home and abroad. BRD sincerely invites you to visit and cooperate to create the future and win-win development!


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