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[Project case] BRD PU Exterior Wall Integrated Panel Application Pingyu Oriental Pearl Hotel Project

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What is a good building?——A good building can be integrated into the texture of the city.
Blue water, blue sky, a touch of bright color. The Oriental Pearl Hotel Project in Zhumadian has been completed. It is magnificent and full of red brick walls, and shows the unique charm of the city.


Project description
Project Name: Oriental Pearl Hotel, Pingyu, Zhumadian
Product application: BRD PU exterior wall Integrated panel
Product color: brick red
To achieve a beautiful building, in addition to good design, it also needs quality and quantity of building materials. The Oriental Pearl Hotel in Pingyu has been screened and evaluated in various levels. The PU exterior wall Integrated plate of BRD is selected for its quality and quantity.
Why choose BRD PU Integrated panel?
Green building materials, thermal insulation and energy saving: PU Integrated panel has good thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation effect; and PU does not support combustion, in line with fire safety, its weight is equivalent to 1 / 30 of brick wall, easy to install and durable, construction period can be shortened to more than 40%, which can be called the first choice of green energy-saving building materials.


Beautiful appearance, stand out: the exterior wall is the coat of the hotel. BRD introduces the international advanced puma PU Integrated panel production line from Italy, which effectively ensures the flatness of the wall panel surface. Compared with the peer enterprises, it has obvious advantages in accuracy and stability. PU Integrated panel screw hidden node design, so that the panel surface flatness, and can customize a variety of colors, pleasing to the eye, color durability, can achieve the same life as the building.


Project first choice, one-stop service: as a world-renowned supplier of new energy-saving building materials, BRD has a professional high-quality design team and sales team. Relying on the global marketing network, BRD provides timely, meticulous and comprehensive services for users, and enjoys a good reputation in the field of customers and new energy-saving building materials.


BRD always takes the development of green and low-carbon economy as its own responsibility, and constantly expands the development mtconnotation of "clean, green and low-carbon" in the new material industry. BRD is willing to cooperate with all walks of life to create a bright future of green and environmental protection.


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