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Quick to know sandwich panels

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What is sandwich panels?Why should i use them?How to install them?Which kind of product is cost effective?Where can i get the best quality?This particle will tell you everything about sandwich panels.

What is a sandwich panel?

Sandwich panel is a product used to clad the walls and roofs of buildings.The sandwich panel is not load-bearing structure of a building but cladding material.The load-bearing structure of a building is support by steel framework structure.

Sandwich panel contains 3 layers:surface layer,core layer and bottom layer.The surface layer uses color steel,core layer is the main material of panel,include:PU (PIR,polyurethane or polyisocyanurate) ,glass wool,rock wool,EPS(expanded polystyrene),etc.The bottom layer could be color steel,stainless steel,etc.The types of sandwich panel are generally classified by core material. 

The materials mainly vary in their thermal insulating performance, sound insulating performance, reaction to fire and weight.


Why should i use them?

Compare with traditional brick structure building,building built of sandwich panels has 3 advantages in these field:cost,time,performance.


Construction of a building in either technology requires similar capital expenditure levels. 

The comparison in this area includes the costs of construction materials, labour and shipping.


A building based on a traditional masonry process may take 6 to 8 months to complete. 

A building of the same volume using steel framework structure takes just 1-2 months to complete.

There is a verb saying:Time is MONEY!!! The sooner a production building or warehouse is commissioned for use, the sooner a return on the investment can be achieved.

Steel framework structure buildings are assembled rather than “built”.Once the components arrive on site, and are then assembled like a house of toy bricks.Another plus is that there is no need to wait for the building shell to lose excess moisture.


In some sectors of industry, the construction requirements can be critical for a building project. Steel framework structure buildings is a ‘dry process’, with no water needed for the construction materials. A dry process requires only the assembly of the structure and fixing of the cladding (here, the sandwich panels) with screws.

Traditional masonry construction uses ‘wet processes’, which require significant amounts of water to make the mortar for bricklaying, concrete for casting or the plaster for rendering.

Some sectors of industry, like wood processing or pharmaceutical manufacture, require fixed and controlled relative humidity levels, which preclude wet construction processes.

How to install sandwich panels?

How are sandwich panels installed as a wall or a roof?

Sandwich panels are easy and quick to install. From practical experience, installing 600 m2 of sandwich panels takes approximately 8 hours for a proficient construction crew.

The steps to install wall and roof sandwich panels are as follows:

1. Material preparation: include sandwich panels, the sub-frame components (cold-formed shapes), and accessories (including flashing, fasteners, gaskets, seals, etc.). BRD New Material can provide all the components required to complete the installation process.

2. Assembling the sub-frame,installing the beams,posts,and purlines.

3. Remove the protective film from the sandwich panels.

4. Fastened the sandwich panels to the sub-frame structure with suitable fasteners.

5. Sealing the joints and installing the flashing.


Given the short installation time and large unit coverage, sandwich panels are most popular in constructing:

Warehouse buildings

Logistic hubs

Sports facilities

Cold stores and freezers

Shopping malls

Manufacturing buildings

Office buildings

Sandwich panels can be combined with other structural solutions.

Which kind of product is cost effective?

The cost of purchase depends on the overall product thickness and its heat insulation core material. Usually the EPS core is the cheapest, however, for better long-term performance and cost effectiveness, panels with superior thermal conductivity coefficient are a better choice - such as PU sandwich panels.

New Zealand office building project (used pu sandwich panel)

Where can i get the best quality?

It is best to order your sandwich panels directly from the manufacturer or through their distribution chain. You can visit BRD New Material's website for professional advice concerning the best processes and materials. Having examined your requirements, the sales manager can quickly supply you with a custom quote. Customer care by the sales manager aside, you can get support from BRD New Material's design engineers or technical consultants at every stage of project delivery.

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