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Sandwich Panel Applied To Waste Incineration Power Station

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Project Name: Waste Incineration Power Station in Hunan Province

Product Specification: 50mm rock wool sandwich panel

Project Location: Hunan Province, China

Quantity: 6000 square meters

Rock Wool Sandwich Panel.4

With the rapid expansion of China's urban scale, the continuous improvement of people's consumption level, the increase of waste removal and transportation, and the aggravation of environmental carrying pressure. As one of the ways of harmless and clean treatment of waste, waste incineration power generation has gradually become the mainstream way of domestic waste treatment in China.

The waste incineration power plant in Loudi City, Hunan Province is one of the key construction projects of urban civilization in Hunan Province. The total investment of the project is 278 million yuan, with an annual waste treatment of more than 290000 tons and an annual power generation of nearly 120 million kwh, which can meet the annual power consumption of one quarter of the residents of Loudi City and truly "turn waste into treasure".

rock wool sandwich panel

The PU sealing rock wool sandwich panel by BRD New Materials is non combustible material, high temperature resistant, and the melting point is higher than 1000 ° C. It will not elongate, shrink or deform in fire and will not release toxic substances. Ensure fire safety and strictly comply with building standards such as waste incineration power plant standard GWKB 322000.

In addition, the specialised connection makes the installation surface flat, and the end connection and interior of the plate are closed to maintain good air tightness, so as to ensure that the smoke and dust generated in the process of waste treatment will not be leaked and prevent air pollution caused by odor leakage. It will not produce large noise with only 20 to 45 dB in external test.

Rock Wool Sandwich Panel.3

In order to ensure that the waste incineration power generation project is put into operation before the end of November and complete the project construction with high quality, the design department of BRD New Materials has provided in-depth design and a large number of rationalized solutions according to the original drawings, and optimized the design nodes and design schemes.

With the full cooperation of the production department, warehousing and logistics department, the quality inspection team strictly controls every production link, investigates potential quality and safety hazards to zero risk, resolutely ensures product production safety and eliminates all worries for customers.

Now the project is about to be completed. With excellent product performance, BRD New Materials creates a comfortable and healthy low-carbon environment for the world, improves people's quality of life and helps local green development.


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