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Sandwich Panel - The Responsibility Of Green Building Materials

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With the accelerated pace of urban construction, the new and old buildings to accelerate the pace of replacement, the old building demolition pace is gradually accelerated, each demolition or blasting will cause dust pollution, many manufacturers choose non-environmental protection and difficult to degrade the building materials, and China's sewage technology is still in a low dust removal level, combined with industrial plant waste emissions and vehicle exhaust emissions, which making the air quality more and more worse, the energy-saving emission reduction awareness of environmental protection attract the people's eye. As the city benchmark building must work hard in building Prefab Insulated Panels material, it can truly come true the best energy-saving emission reduction.



For example, many factories are still using the traditional plant asbestos as a building material, asbestos tiles become a lot of people focus on choice of building materials with its low price characteristics, but asbestos containing carcinogenic substances, great harm to the human body, if Long-term work in such an environment, great harm to the human body, including the demolition of the blasting, the splash of dust will also affect the ecological environment and human health. In contrast, the composite board through the scientific process ratio, to produce low-carbon environmentally friendly products. In the actual use of the process than the traditional tile strong and durable. This kind of material is people loved, the construction industry must choose this product to better serve the people.



BRDECO is a modern enterprise which focusing on full systems of steel building, such as steel structure, PU sandwich panel, External Wall Insulation System, steel truss deck, and light steel villa. BRD committed is to creating high-quality products, internal, external finishes of solutions, to provide customers with high quality, safe, environmentally friendly building materials solutions, to meet all your needs from product design, technology, sales and construction.



BRDECO also has a strong productivity. We introduced several Italian totally automatic PUF Insulated Panels production lines and adopted Chinese Total Productive Management System. The annual output includes 1.2 million meters of polyurethane sandwich panel, and 10 million tons of steel structure. We take part in many famous exhibitions, like Canton Fair, Thailand ASEAN International Exhibition, and so on. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you to create a double win situation.


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