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Seven Benefits of Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

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As a thermal insulation material, polyurethane sandwich panel is highly recognized in the market. Why can we capture the hearts of many bosses? Let's find out in detail.

1:Thermal insulation and energy saving, cost-effective.

As a thermal insulation material, polyurethane sandwich panel has a thermal insulation effect twice that of EPS and three or four times that of other thermal insulation materials.

2:Fire retardant

Polyurethane sandwich panel has self extinguishing property, and flame retardant is added in the production process, so that it can more effectively resist the attack of fire. Even if the instantaneous temperature reaches 250 ℃, it can be calmly dealt with.

3:Sound insulation and air tightness

The air tightness of polyurethane sandwich panel is very good, which can effectively absorb sound. In particular, the office buildings in downtown areas are bustling outside, and excellent privacy space must be effectively guaranteed.

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4:Waterproof and moisture-proof

For large breeding bases, there is a very high requirement for humidity. Therefore, it is very important to be moisture-proof and waterproof.

5:Prevent rusting and corrosion

The polyurethane sandwich panel has a large span and is waterproof and moisture-proof, so it is not easy to rust. And its service life shall be at least 20~50 years. It shall be installed once and used for life. The most important thing is that they do not need additional maintenance and care and are always in the best condition.

6:The appearance is beautiful and generous, and the layout is flexible to reduce loss

The appearance of polyurethane sandwich panel is neat and uniform, and it can be cut at the same time. For irregular walls, it has flexibility, reduces loss and maximizes value.

7:Fast construction

The production of polyurethane sandwich panel is highly efficient, reducing the waiting period for construction. It saves time for the enterprise, which is equivalent to increasing the income of the enterprise in disguised form.

To sum up, the seven advantages of polyurethane sandwich panel really make many construction teams like it deeply. BRD also hopes that excellent thermal insulation materials such as polyurethane composite panels can become better and better, and be applied and relied on by more industries and projects.

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