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Spring Blossoms, More Exciting!

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The spring breeze is warm, the sun is shining, there is a vibrant scene, BRDECO also ushered in started general assembly in March 2017 monthly. The conference has a theme of "Spring Blossoms, More Exciting", reviewed the achievements of all employees in the past 2016, and made outstanding contributions to the development of the company for the past three months. The atmosphere is very good. 


Sincerely embrace, for us not live up to a good time


For the past 2016, all the family of BRDECO unite constantly surpass themselves, they has surrendered a satisfactory answer, see the team's growing, see the company's continuous development and growth, our Exterior Wall Cladding Panels get a lot of satifications of our customer, BRD's leaders are able to have such a strong backing team support to feel gratified. At the moment, it seems to be nothing more than a hug to express the joy of the heart, and sincerely embrace, embrace each other, only for us not live up to a good time.


Harvest full, diligent pay always bring returns


Into the community, you have been an independent individual, into the company, you will be a new responsibility, a group of people, one thing, they contribute to their own power for the company's development and growth, to achieve their own value, BRDECO provide a comprehensive development platform for employees, as long as you work hard, you always get a good return, when you board the podium to receive the fruits of labor, when you receive your colleagues sincere blessing , when you get the leaders esteem, you will know that your hard work will not be in vain, your potential is unimaginable.


Start again and move towards higher goals


The state put forward the call of "Rolled up his sleeves and come on work". Our PUF Insulated Sandwich Panels get more advise. Similarly, BRDECO will also be hard work and hard work into one of them in the future development. As the company's corporate vision: we committed to become respected and have the ability to sustainable development of enterprises, BRDECO will continue to strengthen the quality of products, establish long-term vision, strode on the difficult journey, to create innovative thinking, leading in the fierce competition in the industry. 2017, spring blossoms, more exciting!


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