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Take Care! Construction Time In High Temperature

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On Bricking-up

1. Moist the bricks fully. Put the bricks in the reserved pool to make sure no excessive water or junks on the brick surface.

2. Only mixed mortar when use and control the quantity, when the temperature in higher than 30℃, mortar ought to be used in two hours and not use the overdue.

3. One brick with corresponding plaster. Don’t stretch the mortar too long in case of evaporating or being rigid.

4. No more than 30 days interval when the building is being plaster.

PUF Insulated Panels On Installation

1. Make sure of sunshade or ventilation measures, avoid to work during high temperature time.

2. Take temperature into account when welding, all air bottle are forbidden to put under high temperature or direct sunlight

3. Level gauge and total station instrument should not be applied in high temperature in case of inaccurate observation number.

4. Line aging accelerates in high temperature. Check the line regularly, change the aging line, adjust the line in temperature to avoid fire.



Apart from engineering measures, management is also important

Construction management

1. Make sure enough rest time of all constructors, try to avoid high temperature, to work during night to make up if necessary

2. Supply enough tea, mineral water and so on, improve the management on food safety and hygiene in case food spoilage.

3. Apply effective ventilation, heat insulation and cooling down measure, transfer the post for those whose physical status is not qualified for his job.




1. Acquire meteorology and hydrology information to Prefab Insulated Wall Panels construct in now flood time.

2. Build a temporary ditch in rain season , backfill it in none-rain time.

3. Try to avoid outdoor concreting and clad the completed concrete

4. Check and reinforce the scaffolding and supporting frame in time after the rain.

5. Stack the materials. Underlay the bottom, clad the top and prepare the straw bag and so on flood preventing materials.



Lightening protection and anti-electric

1. All erecting mechanical and brackets should be lightening protection and earth connection, Polyurethane Sandwich Panels construction and illuminance equipment should be zero protection, loitering under wire is forbidden.

2. Check the power line to prevent the leakage because of aging wire in high temperature.

3. Self-provided generator set should be interlocked with external circuit, set switch over or power distribution cabinet, parallel running is forbidden.


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