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The Reason Why Choose Thermal Insulation Panel?

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The Reason Why BRD ECO’ s Thermal Insulation Panel Subvert the Traditional Exterior Wall

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"The construction speed is too fast, and the cost is also lower than doubled!" Mr Zhang lamented, who is the director of the finance department of a factory building in Linying, Henan.

It is understood that Mr Zhang sigh is the factory built external wall cladding office building recently, the wall panel by the BRD ECO production, not only low cost, fast construction, but also significant energy-saving insulation. After the rapid introduction of the market triggered favorable, in many high-end residential, hospitals, factory buildings and other fields widely used.

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BRD ECO focus on exploration, absorbing all the talent, while absorbing a large number of industry highly skilled personnel, the first to introduce the most advanced imported automatic spraying production line in Germany, the production process by the precision control of automation equipment, product quality is stable and controllable, excellent quality leading the market.

BRD ECO’s purpose: the pursuit of excellence, focus on each 1%

What kind of concept of production, to make what kind of product. "To do 1%, do 1% more, is the BRD ECO adhere to the winning rules." BRD ECO General Manager Zhu said.

"Do right is the direction, even if the only 1% deviation of the direction, it will also lose the least bit, a thousand miles. In the modern era, new energy-saving green building materials is the policy direction and the trend of the times, BRD firmly grasp the national development requirements for a transformation and upgrading of products, it is to see this.

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Choose the right direction, not necessarily be able to succeed, only do 1% more, pay more effort to go in front of the same industry. In the exploration of exterior wall technology, more than 30 researchers devoted themselves to the research. After more than one thousand overthrowing, sedimentation and reconstruction, it has achieved the most perfect BRD external wall insulation system. "


Five major advantages, to build five-star standard building exterior wall

Function more than 1 times, the cost decrease a half of 1. BRD external wall insulation decorative panels at the same time with the dual function of decoration and insulation, users only need to buy once, once installed, decorative and insulation facade can be completed. Function add 1 time, but the cost has dropped by more than half.

Automated production, completely eliminated the operating environment and the workers brought uncertainty, the final quality is excellent and stability.

Applications is widely, whether in the cold northeast, or hot in South China, energy-saving insulation panels can meet the mandatory energy-saving requirements of the country, and decorative insulation board finishes of high weather resistance, more sufficient to resist acid rain, salt spray and other invasion, which has a very wide range of applicability.


Environmental protection and energy saving, excellent performance after 1.3 million square meters of real case validation, all BRD insulation decorative panel have a very good self-cleaning, waterproof breath-ability, thermal insulation, fire resistance, construction, safety, all kind of performance indicators in the industry-leading position.

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High color value, decorative layer is diversity. Whether it is imitating the bright metallic aluminum curtain wall, or imitating the noble stone, BRD ECO thermal insulation panels have over 2000 kinds of classic decorative layer give you choose, you can also be customized according to architectural style.

With the continuous expansion of BRD ECO’s insulation board market share and the gradual improvement of international influence, BRD ECO become the designated supplier of insulation materials for many listed companies and the top 50 Chinese real estate suppliers. Avenue invisible, never stop, BRD ECO’s external wall insulation decorative board, innovation is still on the road.


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