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Warmly Welcome Australia Client To Visit BRDECO

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In daily life, no matter where we are, the door seems to be closely related to our lives, more and more attention to environmental protection in the moment, a new type of energy efficient and environmentally friendly garage door which has been good graces of more and more people. Henan BRD New Materials Co., Ltd. as a new energy-saving building materials production enterprises, its products have been exported to overseas in a few years ago, by the industry's affirmation. Yesterday, Australia's inspector a pedestrian came to the Henan Changge industrial agglomeration - BRD New Materials Co., Ltd. plant for a detailed study.



Kevin is a businessman who makes a building material business in Australia and has consulted the company's head about the Automatic Garage Door before arriving at the company's factory site. Australia is very sparsely populated, the living standard is very high, because of the high labor costs, the enterprises of manufacturing garage doors and industrial doors is very less, has a broad market environment. Kevin and his team are also actively looking for cooperation in China partner.



At noon that day, Kevin gone straight to Changge's factory from the Xinzheng Airport after the aircraft. As a ceremonial state of China, BRD responsible for this line of foreign friends had a warm reception. After lunch, Kevin came under the leadership of the staff to the first-line production line of BRD, carefully watched the production process and asked the staff a lot of professional problems. Kevin took the ordinary garage door material from Australia and made a comparison with the Best Sectional Garage Doors produced by BRD. The staff told Kevin that "you took this is the traditional starboard shutter doors, the sound of open the door is relatively large, manual with a long time to open very laborious, there is still noisy, we produce this new garage door has insulation, pest control, fireproof, soundproof, anti-odor lighting and other multiple effects, and good windproof, security. " Then, the staff do the experiment on the spot to Kevin, the results of the experiment determined, Kevin also was full of praise on the production of new Insulated Garage Doors Prices, he said, "Your products are really good things, it will have a great advantage in the market".



After watching the factory production line, Kevin and his team followed the staff came to the company's conference room, and has a detailed discussion with the chairman of BRD. After a cup of coffee, our boss said, "We strive to open up our country markets while also pay attention to overseas markets, take a variety of development models, and actively looking for overseas partners, the business bigger and stronger." And Kevin also sincerely invited our team to go to Australia next time to visit their own factories, in addition to the landlord, they will also bring us to the Australian market to conduct a detailed study for future cooperation. After all, the development of resource-saving and environment-friendly economy is also an important interpretation of the concept of scientific and development. China - Australia is separated by thousands of miles, but "Thick mountains could not stop the river from flowing into the sea", BRD will continue indomitable, keep moving forward.



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