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What are the advantages of flexible clay panel?

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In recent years, people have focused on health, green, ecological, environmental protection and other aspects. As "actively promoting green buildings and building materials" has become the general trend, flexible clay panel, as a decorative material, has quietly sprouted in some engineering fields and gradually become the mainstream.
flexible clay panel, a new environmental protection building material
flexible clay panel is not real porcelain or ceramic tile. It is a new kind of building decoration material. It is made of modified clay (MCM) as the main raw material and formed by special temperature control molding system, baking, irradiation and crosslinking. At the beginning of its birth, it has the appearance effect of ceramic tile, so it is commonly known as flexible clay panel. With the development of technology, it can also achieve the effects of imitating stone, imitating leather grain, imitating wood, etc. all conceivable flexible clay panel can be realized.

Application of flexible clay panel

BRD flexible clay panel is suitable for exterior wall, interior wall, ground and other building decoration, especially for high-rise building exterior decoration engineering, building exterior facade decoration engineering, urban old city reconstruction external wall surface material, external insulation system facing layer and curved wall, arch column and other building decoration engineering.

微信图片_20200731084700Appreciation of flexible clay panel engineering cases
微信图片_20200731084703Guiyang Gemini building project

微信图片_20200731084708Yiwu City facade reconstruction
微信图片_20200731084716Harbin Museum Project

微信图片_20200731084719Shangqiu automobile tunnel project

微信图片_20200731084721Interior decoration project of Hainan hotel
Upgrading advantages of flexible clay panel to traditional building materials
01 light weight, as we all know, most of the building materials feel tough and heavy, which is not conducive to handling construction. Each piece of flexible clay panel products is only 2-4mm thick and weighs only 3-6kg per square meter. Moving a box of flexible clay panel products can save a lot of manpower and material resources by covering an area equivalent to 5 cases of tiles of the same specification.
02 flexible and bendable, BRD flexible clay panel with incredible bending angle can meet the design requirements of all kinds of special-shaped structures. The elongation at break of the product reaches 99%, and it does not crack around the 20 cm diameter cylinder, which is equivalent to the elastic coating. It can bear the thermal stress and deformation of building structure and different insulation base.
微信图片_2020073108473403 durability, the composition of BRD flexible clay panel is inorganic material, the color comes from the material itself, all of them are pure natural color, the color is natural and lasting, and will not fade due to ultraviolet radiation or other external natural conditions. The product itself will not appear bulge, fall off, pulverization and other aging phenomenon, has excellent durability, can pass the 2300h weathering test of relevant national testing center, which is far higher than the national industry standard flexible facing brick.

04 environmental protection, flexible clay panel uses natural modified mineral powder and plant fiber as raw materials, does not open mountains and rocks, zero pollution, at the same time, the product can be recycled, from nature, also from nature, reduce the pollution of industrial waste residue on land resources, is a real environmental protection green material.


05 fire protection, BRD flexible clay panel is an inorganic non combustible material with good fire resistance. Due to its high performance fire prevention and inorganic mineral composition, the product meets the class a fire protection standard, which can effectively block the spread of fire and protect the building safety.

06 self cleaning, BRD flexible clay panel has super hydrophilicity. Once met with rain, it can quickly form a layer of water film on the surface of the material, making it difficult to adhere to the dirt, but washed away with the rain.


07 construction is convenient, flexible clay panel is applied to the renovation of internal and external walls without knocking off the old foundation surface. The construction is convenient, no garbage is produced, and the construction period is short, and the construction cost is greatly saved.
08 is rich in expressive force. Soft ceramic tile can not only realistically express the color and texture of existing materials such as stone, ceramics, wood, leather, knitting, metal plate, weaving, fair faced board, but also create personalized forms of expression according to the design requirements of architects and designers.


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