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BRD PU Sealing Glass Wool Sandwich Panel -- Shanxi Post Building Intelligent Three-dimensional Garage Project

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The Key government construction projects represent the direction of development and play a decisive role in social and economic development. The application of BRD PU Sealing Glass Wool Sandwich Panel in the three-dimensional garage project of Shanxi Post Building is one of the classic case projects.


Project Name: Three-dimensional Garage of Shanxi Post Building

Product application: BRD PU Sealing Glass Wool Sandwich Panel

Product specifications: 50mm PU Sealing Glass Wool Sandwich Panel

1.Government project, quality optimization

As a landmark building in Taiyuan and a unit of Shanxi Provincial Postal Government, Shanxi Post Mansion is located in Wuyi Square, the prosperous core area of Taiyuan City. Government engineering, high standard requirements, BRD PU sealing Glass Wool Sandwich Panels have been screened layer by layer and become the designated material for the three-dimensional garage of the building.


2.New technology to boost transportation

The intelligent three-dimensional garage of the Post Building covers an area of 300 square meters. It adopts a new 25-story tower three-dimensional garage with 300 design parking spaces. It is composed of 6 independent tower three-dimensional parking garages, which can allow 6 vehicles to enter and exit at the same time, and single parking space access The driving time is less than 1 minute, which greatly alleviates the difficulty of parking in the surrounding area and provides a new idea for Taiyuan to solve the difficulty of parking.

3.System service, assured delivery

In addition to providing high-quality products, BRD new material provides a series of value-added services such as design free of charge. BRD new material pays attention to every detail. BRD's design department provides in-depth design and a large number of rationalized solutions based on the original drawings, and optimizes design nodes and The design plan eliminates all worries for customers.


BRD new material serves many municipal and people's livelihood projects, covering all aspects of medicine, electricity, education, etc. Adhere to the ingenuity and quality with professionalism, and open up the green building market, BRD new material is committed to providing the most valuable system engineering solutions for customers at home and abroad, and we will develop together with you and create a better future. Welcome to visit, cooperate, negotiate and consult!


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