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  • How To Choose High Quality Sandwich Panels?
    Composite sandwich panel is a kind of composite structural material composed of different types of core materials (such as polyurethane, rock wool, EPS, etc.) For workshops, clean rooms, etc., the sandwich panel has high strength, light weight, good overall rigidity, strong deformation capacity,
  • What's the main reason for using a sandwich panel in a structure?
    The sandwich panel is a structural component with two outer faces of steel sheeting, and a core of insulation material. The sandwich panel can be used in various structures, such as industrial buildings, warehouses, and commercial buildings.This type of panel offers ease and speed of installation, r
  • What are the application of sandwich panel?
    Sandwich panels are a type of panel that is often used in the renovation of buildings, both on roofs and facades, and in the construction of industrial buildings.The sandwich panel has a hollow core with two sheets of metal on either side. The two sheets are usually made from steel or aluminum. The
  • BRDECO WORLDBEX Philippines Exhibition 2023
    BRDECO at Philippines Exhibition WORLDBEXSite: SMX Convention Center Metro Manila - 2nd Floor (Function Rooms 1 to 5) S700Time: March 16 to 19, 2023ABOUT USBRDECO Leading Manufacturer Since 1995BRD has our own production bases and wholly-owned subsidiaries in China(Henan),Japan(Tokyo),Malaysia(Kuala
  • BRDECO Indo Build Tech Expo 2022
    BRDECO at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in 16-20 Novmber 2022 at Booth: 5-C-3D. We will Exhibition Sandwich Panel, include PU Sandwich Panel, Rock Mineral Sandwich Panel, Glass Wool Sandwich Panel, EPS Sandwich Panel, Clean Room Sandwich Panel, Cool Room Sandwich Panel, and Cool Room System Solution and Garage Room Solution,etc.Welcom to Site.We Waiting you in here.
  • Appreciation of Classic Engineering Cases of BRD Polyurethane Sandwich Panels
    BRD introduced the world's advanced Italian third-generation replacement equipment. The entire equipment cost more than 50 million yuan. It is operated automatically by computer, and the surface finish of the polyurethane insulation board can be controlled within 0.01cm. It can produce polyurethane
  • Congrates on BRD Certificate of Patent
    Patent certification is of great significance to the upgrading and innovation of enterprises. The quality and quantity of patents directly reflect the core competitiveness of an enterprise. The future market competition can be said to be the competition of intellectual property rights between enterp
  • Congrates on BRD SIRIM Test
    BRD New Materials (M) has gained SIRIM Test by its trustworthy sandwich panels
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