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How To Choose High Quality Sandwich Panels?

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Composite sandwich panel is a kind of composite structural material composed of different types of core materials (such as polyurethane, rock wool, EPS, etc.) For workshops, clean rooms, etc., the sandwich panel has high strength, light weight, good overall rigidity, strong deformation capacity, large span, short construction period, good wind resistance and earthquake resistance, environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, etc. In the actual selection, many factors should be considered comprehensively. As a structural material, it often needs to bear a relatively high strength in actual use. So what points should we focus on when choosing a sandwich panel?

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Surface factors:

1. First check whether the appearance is flat, if corrugation is required, check whether the corrugation is neat enough and whether the corrugation spacing is the same. Whether the color of the core material is uniform. Secondly, check whether the core material and the color steel coil are loose, and whether there is a gap between the plate and the core material.

2. Observe the thickness of the substrate and the bulk density of the core material. The thickness of the commonly used substrate is 0.4~0.6mm, and the bulk density of different core materials is also different.

3. Ask more when purchasing. Different core materials have different densities, fire resistance and quality.

4. Hit the surface of the sandwich panel with your fingers or with a hard object. If the sound is muffled and the metal feeling is not obvious, it should be noted that the quality of the sandwich panel may be poor; the metal sound of the color steel plate with better material is louder, crisp.

5. Ask the sandwich panel manufacturer, choose a well-known brand, and the product will naturally be more secure.

Internal factors:

1. Fire resistance performance: In the selection of rock wool sandwich panels for industrial plants, attention should be paid to the fire protection level of the product, which must meet the fire protection requirements of fire protection. Generally, the fire rating of sandwich panels can reach Class B.

2. Corrosion resistance: Due to the corrosiveness of weather or processing materials, industrial plants also have requirements for corrosion resistance. When selecting sandwich panels, it is necessary to choose plates with high corrosion resistance. Its chemical stability is good, so that the durability of buildings can be guaranteed. 

3. Thermal insulation performance: Some industrial plants have strict temperature requirements, so when choosing the thickness of the sandwich panel core material, you can choose the appropriate core material thickness according to your needs to improve the thermal insulation performance of the plant.

4. Waterproof and air-proof performance: In some areas prone to heavy rain and typhoon, when choosing sandwich panels, attention should be paid to waterproof structure, tongue-and-groove material, and edge sealing.


For different scenarios and different needs, Baorunda's sandwich panels can provide targeted products to meet individual needs. For example, our polyurethane sealing rock wool sandwich panel has both wind resistance and airtight performance and economical practicability. It adopts high-density hydrophobic rock wool core material to meet the strict fire protection requirements, and the thickness can be customized. It is easy to install and saves your construction period. It is a high-quality product that is praised today.

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